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Several new clues surfaced during Gracepoint Season 1 Episode 5 starting with that burning boat and ending with Jack's burning photographs.

Perhaps it's the way Nick Nolte plays Jack Reinhold, but I've honestly never felt he did it. Rather he's more of a patsy and misunderstood.

Now the priest, there's a suspicious character. However, after listening to his sermon this week I'm not sure he's responsible either. I'm a terrible detective. Ha!

Ellie went to meet with Beth at 4 a.m. Wow talk about inconsiderate right? I would have hung up on her without a second thought, but she went out for a meeting. It's a good thing I'm not a cop. I get that it's a small town, but should Ellie really be discussing Mark or the backpacker with the victim's mother? At least Ellie didn't break the news about Mark's affair. She talks too much; that's going to get her in trouble.

The episode's big piece of evidence was the burnt boat. We still have no clue who set it on fire or released it, but it wasn't Mark's boat. That must count for something right? Is that "town meeting" scenario something that takes place during a murder investigation? The Solano's want more press involved. "Wouldn't that jog people's memory?" Beth asks. What makes these people experts in handling a murder investigation? I've got to hand it to Carver, he's one patient detective, that's for sure. Perhaps his illness is stress related?

It wasn't long before traces of hair were found on the boat. Carver seemed pretty confident the hair belonged to Danny.

They're panicking Miller. Starting to show themselves that's exactly what we want. That's an amateur move, burning it like that.


The townsfolk were ridiculous. Everyone worried about how the tents on the beach were affecting them. We're such self-interested creatures. Raymond (the psychic) was upset Carver didn't follow up on the information he shared. Can you blame him? Carver thinks he's a joke, so you can't fault the detective either.

After a little sexy time, Renee and Owen blew the lid on Jack Reinhold, a convicted sex offender. Yeah that certainly won't help his case. The poor old guy is an obvious patsy. Things are not going to end well for Jack Reinhold; mark my words. The way Carver accused him was unfortunate. It came across as judgmental and biased.

So dog lady Susan Wright is not who she seems, but that's not a surprise. Her real name's Ruth, but what's the story there? Is she running from her past, too? And what about the way she threatened Kathy with rape? What a bizarre woman. I'm more interested in her connection with Vince.

Speaking of Vince, why was he trying to distract Mark? That was interesting. Is the promotion all he's really after? I've still got my eye on the guy.

The scene with Beth, Raymond and the detectives was important. "This is offensive" is how Carver described the situation. I'm glad it didn't take the writers another episode to tell us why Carver was so offended by the psychic.

Danny wants to tell people that he was killed by someone he knew.


It didn't surprise me at all the psychic had prior convictions for attempting to commit fraud. Carver sure did rough him though. Is Raymond a suspect on your list? I'm not sure about his "talents," but I don't think he's a killer. Then again, I'm a terrible detective.

Since Owen knew Jack and attended his wildlife observation as a kid, Renee convinced him to talk to the old man. Of course, she had something else up her sleeve. Is Owen naive enough to think she has any interest in his career? It's so easy to distract a guy with a little booty.

Renee went to see the Solano's and told them Danny didn't fit the profile. He's not a blonde 10 year old little girl, that's why there's not enough focus on the case. Beth was smart asking to clear the interview with the police, but then she tureds right around and agreed to do it. What?!?

Poor Jack seemed so pleased to see Owen, what a shame he hit him with the rape conviction. Vince overheard everything and pointing the finger at Jack's a great way to deflect attention from himself.

When Paul was questioned I just couldn't put my finger on why I didn't trust the guy. Yes, he's a bit odd and seems to have a thing for Beth, but aside from that perhaps he just acts fishy? He claimed to have insomnia, which is pretty convenient, no?

The Miller-Carver dinner was probably my favorite part of the episode. Ellie wanted to call her boss Emmett, but he told her he hated the name. We learned Carver is no longer married and has a 17 year old daughter. I liked that he checked in with her. It makes me wonder how she feels about dear ol' Dad.

Carver: Does she like me?
Joe: Sorry?
Carver: Does she like working with me?
Joe: I mean you're here for dinner aren't you?
Carver: I think I irritate her.
Joe: She hasn't mentioned anything.
Carver: You're a terrible liar.
Joe: And you're a terrible boss.
Carver: I knew it, touche

Carver ends up passing out after the dinner and Gemma takes him to the hospital to get stitched up. He begs her not to talk about his illness. What's he suffering from exactly? Now that she knows his secret Carver is going to owe her. That's not a position he wants to be in.

Renee's article was published and naturally most folks were not too pleased. Owen was particularly upset he wasn't included in the story. The Jack Reinhold piece was supposed to be next for the two of them. I don't buy it, like I said she's only out for herself.

Vince broke the news about Reinhold's ex-con past to Mark. I guess the residents of Gracepoint don't believe in "innocent until proven guilty."

Carver requested full background checks for Jack, Raymond and Paul. Shouldn't they have done that by now? He gave Ellie the okay to check with park services about that mysterious backpacker, as well. We definitely need more info on him; next week perhaps?

At the church service, Carver observed folks to see if anyone was acting suspicious.

I'm going to ask you to look around at your families, your friends, the members of your community. Ask yourself do you look at them with suspicion? Do you?


The Solano luncheon was uncomfortable. Didn't it seem Ellie was looking at everyone suspiciously? She's been hanging out with Carver too long. Beth asking Tom for a hug was touching. I can't even imagine what she must be feeling; it's no wonder she's a little nuts.

Jack disrupted lunch claiming he found Danny's phone in a kayak. It wasn't very good timing with the news of his history circulating around town. Wait a second, I thought little Tom had the cell phone. Anyway, Jack swore to Mark and Beth he wass innocent. Didn't the family want press coverage? They're getting some now and Mark reacted by destroying cameras and roughing up reporters. Make up your minds!

The press conference was difficult enough, but Beth dropping the bomb she knew about Mark's affair didn't help.

At the end we learned the hair from the boat matched Danny's. The boy's body was definitely in that boat. Will they connect an adult to the boat? Ellie informed Carver about a similar case in Oregon involving a death which further connected Jack to the case. He used to live not far from there. We watched Jack burn several photographs including one of him and Danny. They're laying it on too thick; I'm thinking Jack is innocent.

Beth pled to the killer to come forward on TV, but did she seriously think that was going to happen?

How do you feel about this week's installment? Do you think Jack Reinhold killed Danny? Will this case end up destroying an innocent man? Who's at the top of your suspect list this week? You're up, hit the comments below and share your thoughts on Episode 5.

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Episode 5 Review

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Gracepoint Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

They're panicking Miller. Starting to show themselves that's exactly what we want. That's an amateur move, burning it like that.


Danny wants to tell people that he was killed by someone he knew.