Grey's Anatomy Round Table: All About Maggie

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Welcome back to the Grey's Anatomy Round Table!

Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 2 was all about Maggie Pierce, giving panelists Krystal Sondel, Stacy Glanzman, Maggie Fremont and Amanda Steinmetz plenty to discuss regarding Meredith's half-sister.

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What was your favorite quote or scene from the episode?

Krystal: There was a STURGEON in the hospital. Singing. So maybe we all haven’t had a singing telegram show up at our brand new job, but we’ve all been embarrassed at some point. Poor Maggie! (but great comic relief for us)

Stacy: Definitely Maggie’s line asking if everyone in the room was related. The look on Richard’s face was priceless.

Maggie: “Doctor Bailey doesn’t need to bring anything. She is the thunder.” Preach, Jo Wilson (Willis? Walton?), preach.

Amanda: I’ve loved all the scenes between Maggie and Amelia. Maggie hasn’t made the best impression on most of the group, so it was nice seeing her develop a friendship with Amelia.

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Do you like Maggie? Why or why not?

Krystal: I think she is kind of adorable. She moved across the country to meet her sister, can certainly bring the thunder and yet still has a very vulnerable side to her. I am really looking forward to watching this character develop.

Stacy: I don’t dislike her, but I don’t love her either. She seems like she can be a good addition, but it’s too soon for me to be attached. I do wonder how she’s five years younger than Meredith and already the head of cardio though.

Maggie: I really like her! She’s feisty and really relatable. Was anyone else tearing up during that last phone call with her parents? I’m interested to learn more about her back story. And like Amanda mentioned above, I’m really enjoying Maggie’s budding friendship with Amelia. They seem like an unlikely pair, but that’s what makes it so fun.

Amanda: I like Maggie, but I don’t love her yet. I think she has the ability to become a really interesting addition to the show, so I’m looking forward to seeing her character develop more. I also really just want to meet her adoptive parents because they seem totally awesome and cheesy!

Is Maggie really Meredith’s half-sister?

Krystal: It didn’t cross my mind that she wasn’t. I can’t imagine Shonda and company would introduce us to this character and then have her not be her half-sister. I get Meredith’s reaction, but Zola has another aunt!

Stacy: I’m going to say yes. I don’t think it would be that hard to hide a pregnancy from a five year old, despite Meredith’s insistence that she would have known. Especially if she was able to hide it from Richard and the rest of the hospital... that seems the more unlikely feat.

Maggie: She has to be. I don’t think Grey’s would set all of this up just to pull the rug out from under us - it’s too good of a storyline for Richard.

Amanda: Like Krystal, I didn’t think there was a possibility that she wasn’t. I always wondered during the early years of this show if there would be a reveal that Ellis had a child with Richard. It’s entirely plausible that she could have hid the pregnancy from Meredith when she was five.

How’s the show doing so far without Yang?

Krystal: I hate to admit this because I love Cristina Yang so very much, but I’ve been okay this season without her. Maggie has me intrigued, and between all the other storylines (like Jackson/April’s baby, where were they this week?!) there is plenty to keep us occupied.

Stacy: Cristina was probably my favorite character, but I love almost everyone on Grey’s. so surprisingly I haven’t missed her as much as I thought I would so far.

Maggie: I’ve really enjoyed the first two episodes back this season, but I do miss my Yang! I would love to get her take on Meredith having yet another secret sister. And can you imagine Cristina’s reaction to Maggie’s singing sturgeon? She would never let Maggie live that down. Can Cristina just skype in time to time with some witty, biting commentary?

Amanda: I definitely miss her, but there’s too much going on to focus on her absence. I don’t feel like the show is worse without her. If anything, it opens up new storylines and character relationships. I love that Alex is Meredith new substitute “person”, and this finally gives Owen the opportunity to be his own person away from Cristina.

What are your hopes for Grey’s Anatomy Season 11?

Krystal: Owen needs some love, STAT!  I’d also appreciate some flashback scenes between Richard and Ellis that delve into the pregnancy (how was she able to hide that?!?).

Stacy: I hope Callie and Arizona work it all out and stay together. It seems they are on the right track now. I hope Alex gets the seat on the board now that he’s lost his private practice job. I think he needs it more than Bailey.

Maggie: I would love a big surgery win for Jackson. I feel like he gets short-changed in that department. Also, how about after the dust settles, we get a scene with Richard sitting down to dinner with Maggie and Meredith? It would be great to see him happy with his girls.

Amanda: For Meredith to have a little less attitude. I feel like she always has a chip on her shoulder, and sometimes it’s more than a little annoying. I want to see Alex get the seat on the board. I love Bailey, but it would be far more entertaining to see him in that kind of power position. I also think Owen needs a new love interest... someone who would actually be interested in having kids with him.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 2 Quotes

I just had to bring the thunder.


I think she’s more than you bargained for, but I think when the world gives you more than you bargained for, you usually end up glad you got it.