Homeland Season 4 Episode 5 Review: About a Boy

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I suppose there is something to be said for the phrase, "there is method to her madness."

Carrie Mathison is nothing if not methodical and completely, utterly mad.

On Homeland Season 4 Episode 5 Carrie continues to "recruit" Aayan, but is that all she's doing? It sure feels like the same path she took when recruited Brody. Is she well enough to know the difference between only recruiting someone and falling in "love" with them? I'm starting to wonder.

The Stakeout - Homeland

Yes, her madness was effective. She recruited Aayan and he even wanted to learn to be a giving lover. Really? He goes from a devout Muslim to wishing to be a giving lover with an unmarried American woman overnight? It's a little difficult that he's as Westernized as her particular way of recruitment would assume, but I guess we're stuck with it.

I'm with Quinn, however. Is there no line she won't cross? And just how effective were her methods? 

Sure, Carrie got Aayan to admit his uncle was alive and now she needs to find out if he was ever at the wedding. We already know Haqqani is alive. Did she have to leap that far to come to a conclusion her own agent had already discovered?

In utilizing her particular method of recruitment, Carrie ignored all phone calls relative to the rest of the case. Well done there, Station Chief! An American citizen and your mentor has just been kidnapped from an airport and if you had only answered the phone, a drone would be on the Cleric who held him captive right now.

Aaargh! It's impossible not to want to strangle Carrie when you think of her looking at the sunset while stroking Aayan's hair lovingly, knowing Saul is undergoing God knows what because of her effective and incredibly careless recruiting methods.

Saul will be captive with nobody looking for him until he's reported missing in the US. His last communication with Quinn didn't give any reason for Quinn to worry. If only Fara had been able to get closer to that car... but then it wouldn't have angered me so!

Dennis Boyd is a real peach, and I'm not sure John the Spy is any better. 

There's a theory, men secretly fear their wives are crazy and women secretly fear their husbands are losers.


Can you imagine if Martha had any idea what her husband was up to? She will have a very public figurative hanging when his actions come to light. I kind of hope he's killed and she never knows what a loser he truly is.

Even the ISI agents aren't working together. Aasar and Nasneen talked about Saul as if Aasar had no idea who Saul met with after General Bunny, when it was Aasar himself. So it's doubtful that Aasar has any idea that Nasneed has recruited Dennis.

But, when Nasneed happened upon John and the fake drunk, Dennis, in the hotel lobby, she mentioned seeing "friendly faces," which would indicate she knew both men. Weirdly enough, Dennis acted as though he didn't know her (just seconds after he was about to spill his guts about her) and then when Martha asked if anyone had seen Dennis, John left out the ISI agent. Who knows what? 

Right now there are factions of the agencies working against each other from all directions. ISI against ISI, CIA against CIA and everywhere in between. Meanwhile, Carrie is tripping the light fantastic with her young lover.

If Quinn had any romantic feelings toward her, I think we can happily say they've washed away. He's finally found his way back from the edge of all the madness. The last thing he needs is to be dragged back in. 

What's next for everyone? There is no evidence that Homeland is slowing down anytime soon, and now Saul is captured by terrorists. If that won't light a fire under our protagonists' asses, what will? Check out the Homeland quotes. They're a bit too harsh for the delicate eyes of the general viewing public, so buckle up before taking a look, but they're definitely worth it.

About a Boy Review

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Three days. To develop that type of trust? That's a tall fuckin' order.


Aayan: Oh. Oh, is was just..
Carrie: Looking?
Aayan: No.... yeah.