Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 2 Review: Chapter Two

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Jane The Virgin followed its premiere with another solid installment.

Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 2 introduced several more key plot twists. 

The episode really shocked me. Normally a new show slows down a bit after its pilot episode, but not Jane. The storylines continued to spin the complicated web of lies it began creating last week.

Roman is dead! I honestly pegged the Petra/Roman affair to drag out for a long time. It's looking like he was killed. I don't see the guy jumping onto an ice sculpture and impaling himself. If he really wanted to die, I'm sure he would have chosen a much less painful option.

I love the style of the series. It is similar to Devious Maids, albeit more crazy. The editing is fast and makes the series that little bit more hip.

I like that the writers are giving us a bigger insight into Rafael's life and past struggles. His relationship with Jane is improving -- a lot. Jane hated him last week after remembering her past encounter with him.

We are going to call it a milkshake.


Xo is just downright hilarious. The woman dancing to milkshake was one of the highlights of the episode for me. I just assumed she was dancing due to her nature; she seems very outgoing and not afraid to live a little. It was good to see she was doing this to save her daughter heartbreak.

I wonder how Jane will react to her father being in the soap she, her mother and grandmother love. It will probably be a bit surreal at first for her, but given recent events I don't expect her to be that shocked. Xo has her daughter's best interests at heart. I can't believe they slept together again though. How crazy was it that her mother caught them? It's like a scene ripped straight from a telenovela.

Last week, Petra annoyed me. This week, she grew me. It's obvious the only reason she was having it off with Roman was because she knew Rafael was falling out of love with her. I loved her reaction when Michael informed her he knew about the affair.I thought she was going to hit him!

You passed the test.


Michael is beginning to get annoying. The way he was telling Jane what do wasn't exactly nice. For me, it felt as if him saying she should call it quits in her job because of her complicated relationship with Rafael, that he thought she would cheat on him if given the opportunity. He didn't act as though he trusted her. She obviously hit a nerve by then refusing to leave, as he apologized to her. 

Among other reveals, Luisa slept with her stepmother! How awkward. It's refreshing that pretty much all of these storylines are coming out of left field.

All things considered, this was a fantastic follow up to Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 1. I think it's pretty obvious that the web of deceit will only grow with each coming episode and I can't wait for more.

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Chapter Two Review

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