Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Claim Game

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Things get off to a strong start on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Season 1 Episode 4, with the main men of the show discussing the different situations they're facing. Fizz is looking to make things more serious with Amanda, while Soulja is trying to get out of the dog house and make things right with Nia. 

It's nice to see the guys come together and have serious conversations like this. I only wish we had seen the outcome of the game because you just know Omarion won. 

On the other end of the spectrum, Yung Berg continues his descent into jerkhood and the never seen Mally Mal proves that you don't even have to be in an episode to be the worst part of it. 

Before we get to the big time drama that for once didn't directly involve Teairra, we get a brief check in with Fizz and Amanda who take a super romantic gondola ride and then ruin in completely by talking about moving in together. Fizz does seem to be pushing the issue a little and we learn that he's pressing her because he doesn't fully trust her. 

Asking someone to move in so you can keep an eye on them is a terrible decision. While these two looked to be pretty solid in the beginning, the fractures are starting to show and it seems like Amanda really isn't ready for the commitment Fizz is looking for. I'll be interested to see if these two can make it work, but if not I don't think Fizz will have any trouble finding a lady to settle down with him and his endless supply of gaudy jackets. 

His buddy Omarion continues to deal with his lady drama as he tries to bring Miss Leslie and Apryl together again. You could tell by the look on Leslie's face when she walked into that baby shower that it was not her day. Omarion should have walked her to a distant table, feed her some cake and kept her away from everyone. 

Instead, the three of them decide to sit down and have it out within ear shot of all the party goers. Leslie goes on the attack immediately, telling Apryl she doesn't think she's ready to be a mother. It's uncalled for and totally inappropriate and Apryl does her best to stay calm but you could see her fuming. And she looked way too pretty in that see through dress to be upset!

Omarion manages to calm the situation down, but it's not looking like these women are ever going to get on the same page. 

In probably the most fitting image of all time, Nia comes home to find Soulja sitting in a playpen. He's made the playpen to show Nia how serious he is about her and her daughter moving in. Nia has some daddy issues, as her father had 9 kids by 6 different women (!) and she feels like Soulja is going to be just like him.

Time will tell if Soulja can keep it together when he's out on tour. I have my doubts. 

Now the first bit of real drama in this episode comes courtesy of Hazel and Berg. If we must force ourselves to remember the conversation between the two in Love and Hip: Hollywood Season 1 Episode 2, then we'd remember seeing Berg sort of, kind of agree to give Hazel more in terms of a relationship. 

Well after a night of drinking vodka like it was smart water and doing things I don't care to think about, Hazel brings up them getting a little more serious and Berg acts like their previous conversation never took place. I wanted to jump into the TV and give Hazel a hug as the tears streamed down her face. All ladies have heard the he's not worth it speech before, but seriously Hazel...

He's. Not. Worth. It. 

To make matters worse, Hazel runs into him at an awards show with a date, after he specifically told her he wouldn't be bringing one. Instead of acting like a normal person, he turns into a complete jerk. Flaunting this girl in her face was gross and Hazel does what any girl with a champagne flute would do in that situation. 

She throws that champagne right at him and tons of women everywhere shouted, "That's what you get."

The second piece of drama involved Masika and Nikki fighting over a guy who is so clearly playing the both of them. It seems like everyone can see it but them and it's sad. 

Nikki especially seems to be completely under Mally's spell and nothing anyone says seems to change her opinion of him. Not even a chat with her Mom, who may have been the single best part of this episode, changes Nikki's stance on Mally. 

Masika seems to be slightly less delusional than Nikki, but not by much. Their confrontation ends in another thrown drink and some hair pulling that quickly gets broken up, but I'm going to go out on a limb here and say this fight is far from over. 

This was a great installment and I'm interested to hear what you guys thought. Does Miss Leslie have a reason to dislike Apryl so much? Team Masika or Team Nikki? How refreshing was it to see Teairra not involved in any drama?

Always remember to watch Love and Hip: Hollywood online and keep up with your favorite musicians and their lady loves!

Claim Game Review

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