Marry Me Season 1 Episode 2 Review: Move Me

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First comes love, then comes engagement, then comes the reality of moving in together.

Unfortunately, moving in together proved much more stressful than either Annie or Jake could have imagined.

On Marry Me Season 1 Episode 2, Annie found her personal space being closed in on as Jake moved into her apartment. 

Private Space - Marry Me

After finishing this episode, it's clear that the struggles these characters are going to have are the same mundane ones everyone else has. We know Jake and Annie are going to get married eventually, so a large part of the show will deal with the milestones and problems every couple faces. 

Moving in together is a big step before marriage, and Annie was clearly blindsided by how uncomfortable she felt. I get it. I like my space as is, and I wouldn't want someone else to come in and rearrange everything!

However, I'm not engaged like Annie is. If Annie plans on sharing her life with Jake, she's going to have to learn to compromise, and accept that Jake, and his belongings, will be there. 

As her dads explained, she's an only child and never had to share her space. I enjoyed the scenes with her fathers. Hopefully over time we'll see how her relationship differs with each parent. I'm sure there's a lot of potential storylines with them. Can you tell I just really want more Dan Bucatinsky and Tim Meadows on my screen? 

Annie's freak out was highly entertaining. I love that Jake knows her well enough to know that something was wrong. The scene with the two of them in the bathroom was hilarious, if only for the joke about awful 90's standup... So painfully true! 

Okay what's wrong? You're doing that thing that you do when you're uncomfortable and you ramble on and on about random subjects. Sounds like bad 90's stand-up.


I'm not sure what to make of Jake right now. I get that he's the rational one to juxtapose Annie's craziness. He's the one who actually wants to get straight to the point as opposed to playing games.Trust me, I appreciate it.

Still, I want to know what makes him tick. What's his back story? We see Annie's relationship with her dads, so what's Jake's relationship like with his mom? I know it's still early, so there's plenty of time for his character develop.

The supporting characters got a little more screen time this week. Dennah was having her own little meltdown after a teenager thought she was 40. Gil was spending over 24 hours at an all you can eat buffet because his ex-wife wouldn't allow him to go in before.

I'm curious to learn more about Dennah other than her external worries. She seems only concerned right now with appearance so I want to see more from her. With Gil, I think the chubby, sad-sack routine will get old quickly, but I laughed at his encounters with the buffet worker. 

Another thing that has become apparent about Gil is his terrible advice giving. First he told Jake to do that incredibly awkward face to face, eyes open cuddle. Then he told Dennah to try Botox. No one should listen to Gil, ever!

The one character who we still need more from is Kay. She had way more lines than she did in the pilot, but I'm looking forward to seeing a storyline with her. What's her deal, other than dropping funny throw-away lines? 

It's a dating app for lesbians, like Grinder is for gay men, or Tinder is for straight men and whores.


While Annie is still a bit too spastic for my liking, I think it was toned down a notch from the pilot. Yes she transformed her car into a mini home, but I bought it. It seemed within the realm of her zaniness.  

I'm still on board with this show as I think Casey Wilson and Ken Marino are charming to watch together. I also think there's enough comedy chops within the supporting cast and there should be enough material to showcase everyone's talents.

So over to you guys! What did you think of the episode? Do you think Annie overreacted to Jake moving in? Do you think Jake was too understanding? Are there really 24 hour buffets? Sound off below, and don't forget you can catch up with Annie and Jake's wacky relationship when you watch Marry Me online

Move Me Review

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Marry Me Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Annie: I don't want him to think I'm a crazy person.
Kevin: Oh sweetie, you passed that exit miles ago.

It's a dating app for lesbians, like Grinder is for gay men, or Tinder is for straight men and whores.