Modern Family Season 6 Episode 3 Review: The Cold

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When a family is so close and spends so much time together, viruses are bound to travel really fast.

On Modern Family Season 6 Episode 3, Mitchell was the one presumed to blame for getting sick on his honeymoon.

I never get sick. I must've caught some kind of chill on the beach when my socks got wet...My ankles burn.


But was it really Mitchell's fault?

Phil had done Mitchell and Cam a favor and gotten his friend to do the video at their wedding. When he did a screening beforehand, he realized that he was Patient Zero. It turns out that what he thought was allergies at the wedding was really a cold and he sneezed all over EVERYTHING. Specifically things that Mitchell was close to.

When the video was finally cued up at the end of the episode, everyone was too focused on their own flaws (except Gloria of course) to even get to the part where Phil sneezes all over everything. Phil smartly suggests re-editing the video to cut out the embarrassing stuff.

Lily calls him out, being the precocious child that she is. By the way she could've handled herself with her smarter and more talented friend. Mitchell shouldn't be so competitive. All kids have different things that they are special at! You could tell she was getting impatient with her Dad.

Meanwhile Claire forced herself to go to a client meeting despite how sick she was.

Claire: This cold stops with me. Why do you think I swapped beds with Luke last night?
Phil: You did?
Luke: Appreciated the back rub. Not sure I loved being called Miss Thang.
Phil: Nooooo!

She forced herself to go because Jay thinks she's his super tough girl. Gloria blames Jay for putting too much pressure on his kids. Then Manny calls Gloria out that she's really the one who puts pressure on him by telling him he's so perfect all the time.

The episode all tied together nicely, with a bunch of great Modern Family quotes.

However, my favorite part was easily Haley and Andy's interaction! We've all been wondering since Modern Family Season 5 Episode 24 what was going to happen next time they saw each other. Well Adam Devine is back and he spared no time getting to the juicy stuff.

They both pretended like they were better off not acting on their sexual tension. They chalked it up to vulnerability and relationship drama, blah blah blah. Then Andy said Haley was better off because she would've been emotionally destroyed if they kissed.

Note to guys: Never tell a girl something like that unless you intend to use it as reverse psychology. Girls like a challenge. Especially a girl like Haley.

With great hotness comes great responsibility.


Obviously Haley went in for the kill. She looked affected after and he didn't. But I am calling your bluff on this Manny Andy! I bet he walked Joe into the bathroom and let out a huge OMFG exhale. I just kissed Haley Dunphy.

How about you? Do you think Andy is into Haley as much as she's into him?

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The Cold Review

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Modern Family Season 6 Episode 3 Quotes

It went to my ears on our flight home. I may have moaned a bit. A crying baby complained about me.


I never get sick. I must've caught some kind of chill on the beach when my socks got wet...My ankles burn.