NCIS New Orleans Round Table: The Good Doctor?

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No doubt about it, NCIS: New Orleans Season 1 Episode 6 had a lot going on: murders based off horror anthology moments, a character suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder, plus our first real good look at Pride's relationship with his wife from her perspective. We also got to see Brody flirt with a shrink and LaSalle wear a terrible punny costume.

Halloween is upon us, so keep your loved ones close and join TV Fanatic panelists David Taylor, Douglas Wolfe, and Kathleen Wiedel below as they discuss their insights regarding "Master of Horrors."

NCIS NOLA RT - depreciated -

How would you describe this episode in a few words or a sentence?

David: "Have you met my loving son... and his evil alter?”

Doug: Welcome to my nightmare.

Kathleen: Sometimes even a chronic liar tells the truth.

What was your favorite scene or quote?

David: "How come you didn't tell us that when we were being nice?" That made me chuckle.

Doug: I’m digging the chemistry between LaSalle and Brody - so the final scene kind of captured it perfectly. Not even a hint of romantic intent there at all, but plenty of teasing. Very much a team dynamic, or the chemistry of a brother and sister. It fits them both perfectly - and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Kathleen: I really enjoyed that final scene, too, Doug. Dr. Wilkins even managed to be a part of the moment without seeming intrusive.

What, if anything, didn't work for you in this episode?

David: LaSalle, Don't try to channel Ah-nuld... ever! It triggers my gag reflex.

Doug: I’m trying hard not to fixate on my annoyance with Sebastian Lund - Dr. Wade’s assistant - and am failing miserably. The guy just rubs me the wrong way. When he’s not being abrasive he’s being goofy. What might come off as cute with NCIS’s Abby just becomes sad and a little constipated with him. The character just does not work. Really wish they’d bring back Wendell Hobbs - the forensic scientist and keyboardist introduced in the NCIS Season 11 Episode 19. Now there was a guy who was easy to appreciate. Plus he had some mad keyboarding skills. What does Lund have? Snark.

Kathleen: I know you're not alone in your annoyance with Sebastian, Doug. I've read a lot of comments out there complaining about his character! To be honest, he doesn't bother me so much, but I can understand why he'd annoy others. What didn't work for me was the way the team went looking for the kidnap victim they feared was buried in the walls of the house. Surely smashing holes in the wall is not a good idea when you think she might be inside the wall. Wouldn't it make more sense to look for recently replastered walls?

What do you think of Pride and his relationship with his estranged wife Linda now?

David: Okay... now I get it. However, I'm bothered by Pride's "I'm scared that my work may mean I don't get to come home!" It seems like Pride made his choice--I hope he can live with it.

Doug: I guess the theory about Pride’s anger getting into the way of the marriage has been shot down. I’m glad about that. What I don’t get is Linda’s reticence about their marriage because of his work. The logic there just isn’t lining up. Does she really expect him to quit? And if he doesn’t, does not being with him mean she won’t worry about him?

Kathleen: Paige Turco is a great actress. She appeared briefly as Linda in the NCIS backdoor pilot, NCIS “Crescent City Part II” - Season 11 Episode 19, but this is the first time that we really get a good look at the character. I agree with Doug that there's a bit of a "rock and a hard place" situation going on here - what does Linda expect Pride to do? It's not really rational, but emotional situations are often difficult to approach rationally. I know a lot of law enforcement officers, and most of them are married or in committed relationships. It's not easy on either half of the relationship, and sometimes they fail, despite the best intentions on both sides. I do hope that they work things out, because Turco and Scott Bakula are great together on screen, in my opinion.

Would you like to see more of Dr. Wilkins (the shrink) in future episodes? And do you see him as a potential love interest for Brody?

David: I kind of like the chemistry they have, but the writers need to proceed carefully. Wilkins might also be of use to the team as a profiler, kind of like NCIS' Ducky; if the writers go that way, then the romance angle gets tricky.

Doug: I like him, and can definitely see him and Brody together. It’s a good match: both of them are intuitive and highly intelligent. It could definitely work.

Kathleen: I, too, enjoyed Dr. Wilkins's inclusion in this episode, to the point where I was actually afraid that he would somehow turn out to be the killer! (See, this is what all those years of watching crime dramas has done to me!) I would really to have him return, and I think he'd make a far better love interest for Brody than LaSalle.

Whose costume did you like more, LaSalle's Baconater or Brody's Freudian Slip? What (preferably punny) Halloween costume would you wear?

David: I preferred "Freudian Slip"-I just thought it was more creative and humorously punny and, of course, the shrink got it right away. "The Baconator" just seemed like two random items paired together. As for my own costume choice, I once dressed as a priest, but with dog collar and spiked bracelets. I just thought of myself as a priest who lost his religion, but some cleverly called me "Father Flogg-again.”

Doug: Yeah, I’m with David on this one - the “Freudian Slip”, all the way. She kind of took my breath away with that one. As for my own costume, I wore a bright red zoot suit one year (think Jim Carrey in “The Mask” - only red and without the green mask). That’s been my favorite so far.

Kathleen: Let's make it a round three, because I liked the "Freudian Slip," too. I wonder if Brody wore that costume on purpose to get a reaction out of Dr. Wilkins? Unfortunately, I don't have any "punny" costumes, but there was this one Renaissance barmaid costume that I never got to wear. If only I could find the appropriate footwear!

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NCIS: New Orleans Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

LaSalle: The bacon's not to eat - it's my costume! The Baconator: half bacon, half Terminator. [imitating Arnold Schwarzenegger] I'll be back fat.

[Their victim was found in a cemetary] It gives a whole new meaning to 'graveyard shift', right?