Once Upon a Time Round Table: Give Him a Hand!

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On Once Upon a Tim this week, Captain Hook made a deal with the crocodile... even though you'd think he'd know better after all of this time

. Now that he's so far into Mr. Gold's plan, will it destroy Hook and Emma's future?

Our TV Fanatics Stacy Glanzman, Mary Kate Venedam, Allison Nichols, Robin Harry and Christine Orlando are joined by Gareth from Once Upon a Fan to discuss wardrobe changes, the power of the hand and whether they prefer Frozen or The Sorcerer's Apprentice story lines on Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 4...

Once Upon a Time RT - depreciated -

What did you think of Emma's dress and Killian's new outfit?

Gareth: Emma looked stunning and it was nice to see Hook out of his usual attire. Maybe he sent his standard outfit to the dry cleaners! 

Stacy: They both clean up pretty well. Emma's dress was really pretty. I loved Mary Margaret taking pictures like it was Prom. 

Mary Kate: Emma's dress was very pretty. Not very Emma-like, but she was going on a date, of course she would change it up. Loving Hook's new outfit. It's about time he got out of the pirate garbs. It's very Hook, but more this century. 

Allison: I loved Emma's dress for many reasons. Aside from it looking amazing, it definitely reminded me of a fairytale. It's a dress she wore for no other purpose than to be happy. In the pilot, we see her go on a "date" in a form fitting red dress. She did that for the purpose of distraction, and I'm glad the dress she wore on her date with Killian was completely different. As for Killian's outfit, just damn.

Robin:  Emma's dress was nice, but it seemed a little too girly for her. As for Killian - do you know how long I've been waiting to see that man in regular clothes?!? I was not disappointed, he looked GOOD. Mercy.

Christine:  Although I liked it, I was a little taken aback by the style. I'm used to thinking of Emma being more modern and that dress was very retro. She looked beautiful but between her dress and Hook's leather I felt as though they could have walked right out of the 1950s or early 1960s. 

Was Mr. Gold lying when he said Hook's hand had powers or lying when he said it didn't and it was all a trick?

Gareth: I think Gold was playing a trick. By mentioning Hook’s past as a pirate, I think Gold placed the seed of doubt in Hook's mind. The pirate in Hook is always just under the surface, Gold merely placed a thought that brought his pirate side out. 

Stacy: I think it was a trick too. Actually, I saw that coming before they revealed it on the show. I assumed Gold was trying to plant doubt in his head and sadly Hook fell for it. 

Mary Kate: Maybe Gold thought he was telling the truth when he said that the hand was just a hand, but in reality it did have powers. But, I think that it didn't have powers, Hook was just meant to believe that it would have powers and he would react to certain things, like Will Scarlet.

Allison: Gold was playing a trick on Killian. I personally can't decide if I liked the trick of not. We haven't seen Killian struggle with being Captain Hook and being a good person for Emma all that much, or rather I should say we haven't seen him be tempted to resort to his old ways as a pirate. It just felt like a little much, and maybe the stress of finally going on a date with Emma, in addition to Gold's trick, made Killian react the way he did and the magnitude that he did.

Robin:  I think he was lying when he said it had powers, knowing that he would be able to trick Hook into making a deal with him. Rumple completely psyched Hook out. 

Christine:  Either way, Gold made Hook doubt himself and struggle with who he thinks he is and who he wants to be. His bouts of temper were a bit over the top. Was that simply his true self showing through?

We've got two intersecting story arcs going on: Frozen and the Sorcerer's Apprentice. Which is your favorite?

Gareth: The Frozen stuff is not really my thing, it feels forced and I feel like it is taking screen time away from other core characters, who I care much more about. I’m more invested in the Sorcerer’s Apprentice storyline and the ongoing investigation with the book. All that stuff is intriguing, although Rumple’s actions seem totally at odds with his desire to honour Baelfire's memory at the start of this season. 

Stacy: I admit I like the Frozen stuff more than I thought I would. I enjoyed the movie but felt it was really over-hyped, so I groaned a bit when I saw they were planning to do it on Once. But, they're making it way more interesting than the movie and I really like the actors they chose and the addition of Elizabeth MItchell's character. I'm looking forward to seeing how this all plays out. 

Mary Kate: I'm liking the Frozen story more. That could be because it involves more of the regular cast, like Mary Margaret and David. It's more fun to watch them all interact with each other, like in Neverland and Wicked Witch, rather than working by themselves. I'm also enjoying the Frozen characters and Snow Queen more than what's going on with just Rumple and the Sorcerer's Apprentice. But, I have a feeling that these stories are going to interact at some point.

Allison: I'm going to say Frozen. I know nothing about the Sorcerer's Apprentice other than dancing brooms. That's all I've got. I don't get a thrill from seeing it pop up on the show because I don't have a connection to it. I've enjoyed all the nods to Frozen with the lines and just seeing this adaptation of the characters. I also agree with Gareth on Rumple. I can't figure out if he truly wants to change or not. He makes claims when visiting Neal's grave and whenever Belle is present, but other than that, he seems like the same old Dark One.

Robin: They're both interesting, though I'm admittedly more curious about the Sorcerer's Apprentice. That being said, I think we're starting to run into the same problem that OUAT's always had - the pacing of their story arcs. With so much going on, everything is moving really slowly. I was disappointed that we didn't learn anything new about the Snow Queen in this episode. 

Christine:  Much like Allison, I've never seen the movie Fantasia and know nothing about the Sorcerer's Apprentice so I have little connection to the story and as mentioned above, Rumpel's sudden desire to have all the power once again is in direct contrast to what he said he wanted at the start of the season. I enjoyed Frozen the movie and I love the actors playing these roles so at this point, I'm enjoying Frozen a lot more. 

Will Scarlett was a character from Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. Did you watch it when it was on last season and what are your thoughts on bringing him to Storybrooke?

Gareth: Michael Socha was the best thing about Once Upon A Time In Wonderland. I loved the whole storyline between Will and Anastasia, they became firm fan favorites. I really hope the perfect ending they got on Wonderland hasn’t been destroyed though. A lot of fans will be very angry if that is the case. 

Stacy: I watched the pilot for OUAT in Wonderland but that was it. I thought the guy looked familiar, but I had no idea he was from that show as I don't really remember the pilot. 

Mary Kate: I did not watch Wonderland, so all I know about Will Scarlet is what I have seen on the internet. I am a fan, so far. I hope they integrate him into the rest of the town and main characters because right now he's just there, and somehow a series regular. 

Allison: I only watched the pilot, but one of my friends loved Wonderland, and so she has filled me in slightly on things. I may ask her to give me a recap. I am enjoying Will though.

Robin: I didn't watch Wonderland at all, so I know absolutely nothing about this character. I'm very curious about what Alice in Wonderland has to do with all the other madness going on in Storybrooke right now.

Christine:  I watched all of Wonderland and Will and The Red Queen/Anastasia were my favorite characters. As happy as I am to see Will Scarlett again, like Gareth said, I'll be really ticked off if something went wrong with one of my favorite couples. 

Does Hook have a choice in how to deal with Mr. Gold or is he now under his control?

Gareth: There is always a choice. Hook could have just been honest and explained to Emma what had happened with the hand or gone to Charming for help. Now he has fallen deeper into Gold’s schemes and it will be harder for Hook to get away from him. I think it will come back to bite both of them eventually. Belle and Emma will find out, leading to all sorts of soap opera style angst!

Stacy: I agree, there's always a choice. Hook made the mistake of taunting Gold with his knowledge of the dagger in the first place. Gold does not like to let anyone have power over him (not even Belle) so Hook should have known this would end badly. He probably should have gone to Belle, or at least Emma, with the truth in the first place. 

Mary Kate: I agree, there is a choice. I think he's too scared to ruin his relationship with Emma and destroy the trust with Charmings. His best move could be to just tell Emma and deal with consequences, because the longer he waits, the worse it is going to be. Even dealing with Gold for too long may change all that progress that Hook has made since he met Emma, because, obviously, Gold has not changed.

Allison: Shouldn't Killian know by now to never make a deal with a crocodile, let alone two deals? Come on, Killian. I don't think that he will ever give up hope. Killian will work on finding a way to make Gold's leverage disappear, and hopefully, he will turn to someone for help. He could turn to his pal Charming or maybe get Will to do it. We need some more bromance moments.

Robin: I agree with Gareth - there's always a choice. Hook has been in difficult spots before and has chosen to be honest with Emma, and I really, truly hope he tells her the truth soon. Soon as in next week. 

Christine:  Ugh. I kept wishing that Hook would go to Emma and tell her the truth. I think she might understand and it could possibly bring them closer together. Instead Hook will hide this secret and it will end up pulling them apart once again. I hope I'm wrong because as Gareth pointed it, it's soap opera style angst and that's not what I watch Once Upon a Time to see. 

What was your favorite scene of the episode?

Gareth: Really enjoyed the scenes between Anna and Rumple. Loved that she outsmarted him and got exactly what she wanted. I also liked the scenes with Snow and Charming acting like the over eager mom and the super protective dad. Was so cute. Loved all the shoutouts to the original Fantasia movie as well

Stacy: I'm really intrigued with what Emma has to do with the Frozen story line, so I have to go with the Snow Queen stalking her. I also really liked the scene with Emma asking Hook out. That was really cute and funny. 

Mary Kate: All of the stuff with the Charmings. There was nothing better than watching Snow use a polaroid, David be protective, and Emma acting like a teenager. Also, watching them wait up for her after the date was adorable because Snow was so enthusiastic about wanting to know everything and David just wanted to make sure he didn't have to deal with Hook.

Allison: It's a toss up between Emma having to calm herself down and not run after Will when he crashes her date or the adorableness that is how the Charmings react to Emma going on a date. I just loved Charming statements on what he didn't need to know. They are pretty cute parents.

Robin: I'm going to pick an odd one - the final scene with Henry and Gold.  I had honestly forgotten that Rumpel was Henry's grandfather, and that scene made me think of all the potential there is with Henry and Rumpel possibly getting close.  Rumpel's love for Neal was the only thing that came close to changing him (clearly Belle's not enough), so maybe Henry's the next best thing?

Christine: I loved it when Emma asked Hook out. She was nervous. He was so taken aback he hit the wall with his dart and then their banter kicked in and I loved every minute of it. 

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