Once Upon a Time Round Table: Who Is the Snow Queen?

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Elsa got set up, Marian lost her heart and the Snow Queen has connections to more than just the characters from Frozen.

Below TV Fanatics Stacy Glanzman, Robin Harry, Paul Dailly and Christine Orlando are joined by Gareth from Once Upon a Fan to discuss Robin's admission of love, Snow Queen theories and Operation Mongoose after Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 3...

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Was it sweet of Robin to admit that he's still in love with Regina or cruel considering he plans to stay with his wife?

Gareth: It was a very tender moment for Robin and Regina, but it just left both Regina and the audience heartbroken again. True Love will find a way. I believe that Robin and Regina will get their Happy Ending. 

Stacy: A little bit of both, but I think it's good Regina knows the truth. It means there's hope for the two of them and it gives purpose to her quest to find the book's author. 

Robin: I'm really glad that Regina now knows he loves her, but the circumstances and the timing were terrible. Robin was only thinking of himself when he told her. It was about his need to admit it rather than her need to hear it. 

Paul:  It was, but I don't think it was fair on Regina. She really likes him. I don't know where this relationship will go. I have a feeling Regina will take a long time to defrost Robin's frozen, other half. 

Christine:  I so felt for Regina. On the one hand Robin was being honest but on the other he was giving her mixed signals. I love you but I'm going to stay with my wife. Ugh. Hopefully for Regina it just fuels her determination to find the book. 

Do you think the Snow Queen is really Elsa's aunt? What are your theories on how she ended up in the urn?

Gareth: No, I think the Snow Queen may be playing a family connection so Elsa trusts her.  I’m really conflicted with my theories about the Snow Queen. She definitely has a connection to Emma. I wondered if the Snow Queen could be the little girl from the orphanage that we saw at the end of Season Three, however that girl was younger than Emma. Could still be possible. Anything is possible on Once! 

Stacy: I had considered the possibility that she might be their aunt before they revealed it, so it wouldn't surprise me if she really is. Maybe she was once like Elsa and couldn't handle everyone hating and fearing her, and it turned her into who she is today. I would guess she was trapped in the urn by people similar to Hans and his brothers and the experience turned her evil.  

Robin: I don't think she's really her aunt, but I have no sweet clue who the Snow Queen is - I'm truly stumped. Especially since she also has a history with Emma and with Rumpel. I think she was put in the urn by someone else who knew how dangerous she is. 

Paul:  I do. I think Elsa's parents have something to do with this. I think we will see them in future episodes. I wouldn't be surprised if the Snow Queen caused the boat to capsize.

Christine:  I'm with Paul. She could truly be her aunt and if her own sister put her in the urn to stop her evil ways then the Snow Queen could be looking for revenge. How Emma is involved is what really stumps me but I'm looking forward to finding out more. 

How do you feel about Henry joining in Regina's hunt for the author of the book?

Gareth: I’m really excited for this storyline. The identity of the author is a big mystery that fans have been discussing since season one. I’m glad that Henry and Regina have joined forces, it can only help strengthen the bond between them. 

Stacy: I think it's great. Henry and Regina haven't had a whole lot to do yet in these first few episodes, so this gives them a really good story line. Plus, even though this was Regina's idea, the book has always been Henry's baby. I can't imagine anyone discovering the author without him.  I'm looking forward to seeing what they find out. 

Robin: That made my day. Henry brings out the best in Regina, and I'm happy to see them partnering up for their own little operation. It gives me faith that Regina will stay on the straight and narrow.

Paul:  It was really good to see. For too long these characters have had a strained relationship. It's nice how he wants to see his mum have a happy ending.

Christine:  These two have had such a rocky road. So much of the show has been Henry building a relationship with Emma that I think it's great to see he and Regina begin to rebuild theirs. The two of them working on Operation Mongoose should be a lot of fun. 

Is Archie right, is Mary Margaret taking on too much?

Gareth: I don’t care much for the storyline that is being shaped around Snow. She has proven herself to be a determined and capable leader in the past. This is the woman who planned and led an all-out attack on King George’s castle. It feels like they are retconning her character a bit in order to give her issues and some sense of a storyline. 

Stacy: I'm with Gareth on this one. I love Enchanted Forest Snow White, but Storybrooke Mary Margaret is not my favorite. I get she's a new mom but can we give her something else to do? Even a cool flashback like David and Anna's would work. There just hasn't been enough of her yet this season. 

Robin: Snow's character has regressed a bit, but I can understand why. She was separated from her first child at birth, and not only does she have no experience raising one, she's petrified she'll lose this one too (and she almost did last season). It's a lot, and she needs to accept help. 

Paul:  I don't think so. Sure, she's just had a baby, but she doesn't want to sit around a house and do nothing.

Christine:  Yes! I can't imagine having a newborn and trying to run an entire town. Having a baby is wonderful but incredibly stressful with the breastfeeding and sleep deprivation. Snow White may be bad ass but she had a castle and I'm assuming a staff to go with it. Mary Margaret's real world is much less of a fairy tale. 

What was your favorite scene of the episode?

Gareth: Enjoyed the scenes with Elsa and Hook, they made a great team. Same with Kristoff and Elsa, they worked well together and I enjoyed the banter they had going on. The ending has really piqued my curiosity with regards what Rumple is planning and his connection to the Snow Queen. I really enjoyed this episode. It has raised the bar on a season that I was starting to get concerned about. 

Stacy: I'm loving Kristoff. I never saw Greek so this is my first introduction to the actor and I think he's great. His scene with Sven was really cute, but I'm really enjoying his interactions with Elsa this season. Runner up goes to Regina pulling out Marian's heart. Nice to see her do that for a good reason for a change. Of course, this does mean if they do find a way to unfreeze her, Regina will have complete control over her. I have faith that Regina will return it right away though!

Robin: It's a tie. The final scene between Hook and Emma was fantastic and emotional. However, I always love it when Regina-snark makes an appearance, and the sarcasm about Snow's awful painting in the mayor's office was hilarious. 

Paul:  Emma using her powers. After failing to use them last week she saved Hook and Charming. It was good to see her using them again. I only hope we see more if this!

Christine:  I agree Robin! Regina's line about the painting made me laugh (mostly because I agreed with her.) I loved Regina telling Henry about her plan to find the book's author and write her happy ending. It was great to see these two bond and she was just so delighted to hear that Henry wanted to help. It made me equally happy.

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