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Oh Resurrection. You are getting good. Really good. 

On Resurrection Season 2 Episode 5, Margaret used her ice cold stare to get rid of Barbara. Well not really, but she did get rid of her. 

So we now know that the returned can choose whether they want to stay in the land of the living, or return to wherever they came from. 

Margaret was beginning to grate on my nerves at the start of the hour, but by the end I was fully invested in her character once more. I did guess that Barbara would be disappearing, but I was half expecting Margaret to pull out some sort of mythical dagger and take great pride as she drove it through her enemies heart.

This isn't Game Of Thrones, so Margaret settled for the next best thing; her specialty -- emotional blackmail. 

I can't imagine what Barbara was thinking, showing up here like the Belle of the ball. If that woman disappears from our life, then so be it.


I can't stress enough how important Margaret's character is to the creative upswing of the show. It is a bit worrying that she is still billed as a guest star, as she plays a much more prominent role than some of the regulars. 

It was excellent that Elaine saw Margaret with Barbara, I don't see how Margaret can cover her tracks this time. Elaine won't give up until she gets answers; remember her dad also disappeared. Could Margaret have been around longer than she's letting on?

We all make mistakes, but the ones that love us, forgive us.


Maggie and Bellamy's ever-blossoming friendship/relationship (finally!) hit a snag. I was happy Maggie knew the truth about the remains. It's good to show us that the relationship isn't as perfect as it seems. It doesn't seem as one dimensional any more!

The episode had its fair share of fun moments. I especially liked Barbara going to Fred's door. There is obviously still a connection there between the two. I have no idea what to expect when he finds out he's lost his wife again, most likely for good. 

I feel bad for Maggie since she finally started to let her mother in. Elaine helped her see another side to her. It was heartbreaking when she realized her mother was truly gone this time. 

Unless I'm missing something, it seems like the virus is another way the returned can disappear for good. As evidenced by Carl's twisted brother, he got so sick, he turned a grey-blue color. For a second I thought I was watching Avatar!

Government Bitch seemed a lot more genuine this week than previous weeks and I am beginning to warm to her. We have no idea if she really does work for the government, so don't be surprised to see this storyline change course in the matter of a few minutes.  

All things considered, this was a good installment of Resurrection. I am deeply concerned that we won't get resolution to the story. The ratings slipped further last week, but ABC also ordered a 14th episode for Resurrection Season 2. I felt like that was a good idea for them to use it to serve as a series finale in the event that the show is canceled. I was furious when I learned that a matter of hours later, ABC nixed the 14th episode from the order. 

Remember you can watch Resurrection online right here on TV Fanatic. Watch now to witness the many piercing stares of Margaret Langston.

What did you think of the episode? Are you still enjoying Margaret? Will you be upset if the show is canceled? Do you think we'll see where the returned go back to after leaving Arcadia?

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Resurrection Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

We all make mistakes, but the ones that love us, forgive us.


The truth is a slippery thing, these days. Maybe people wanna know, maybe the don't.