Revenge Round Table: Consequences and Repercussions

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Well, it isn't Sweeps week yet. How do we know? Because Emily Thorne is inching closer to her father instead of sprinting. This week, she found a way to bring David Clarke home by handing over the deed to the beach house through quite the unlikely alliance.

Join the TV Fanatic Round Table members Laura Lynn from Revenge Agenda, Christine Orlando, Paul Dailly, and Miranda Wicker as we dish on all the things happening in the Hamptons, then be sure to jump in below with your answers!

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What was your favorite quote or scene from Revenge Season 4 Episode 5?

Laura: I loved seeing Nolan and David meeting! So heartfelt on Nolan's part, not so much on Daddy Clarke’s part. It was also a tad frustrating because I wanted Nolan to say "Emily is Amanda Clarke!" Duh! But alas we have to wait...and wait...and wait...

Christine:  I didn't have one! At every turn I wanted someone to tell David that his daughter was alive. It's just cruel to allow him to think his child is dead and yet no one was willing to speak up. The entire episode was frustrating from beginning to end. 

Paul: My favorite scene was Emily going to the hotel and her bitter exchanges with Bitchtoria, sorry Victoria. Even after four seasons, I still love every scene these two characters share.

Miranda: I loved Nolan challenging Emily about how if Aiden were still here, she'd be going about things differently, more carefully. That was a great scene. But for the best of the night, I have to go with Emily hearing the music playing from her father's house and knowing that she hasn't lost him yet. Not completely.

Who is the man with the crescent moon tattoo?

Laura: He is the one going home with Charlotte Grayson...I mean Clarke from the bar. Oh you mean before that when he tried to hit David Clarke? I have NO idea where he came from or why he tried to run David down. Hopefully we get the answers soon.

Christine:  Yeah, I'm clueless on this one. I have no idea how he fits into this story or what his connection to the Clarkes is but I'm guessing things aren't going to go well for Charlotte tonight.

Paul: Also clueless about this one, but if he rids The Hamptons of Charlotte, he will be my new favorite character.

Miranda: I'm guessing he has something to do with Officer Bellick...err...I mean...that guy who helped Conrad escape who used to be on Prison Break where he also played a prison guard. Yeah, that guy sent him.

How long will it be before Ben Harper discovers Emily's identity?

Laura: Well look at Ben all Sherlock Holmes in a police uniform! Going to find Conrad’s murderer but first lets blame Jack! Oh, right he was at the station for faux kidnapping questioning. Ben you were so close! If he keeps on snooping into the Grayson's background, Jack's, and Amanda Clarke, then he may just surprise me and find out soon. Go Ben...not!

Christine:  Ugh! I'm not a fan. First he's semi-stalking Emily and now he's investigating his partner for murder. He's certainly tenacious so it's a possibility that he'll figure things out but I'm definitely rooting against him.

Paul: Around the time of the midseason finale. The net is closing in on Emily. I think Victoria will confide in him and tell him Emily's obsessed with her and her family. All she has to do is get him pictures of every public appearance she and David have. Emily will look cray cray. 

Miranda: I like (do not like) where you're headed with that thought, Paul! What if Victoria tells him about Emily's identity and then frames her for Conrad's murder somehow. And Aiden's? I hadn't thought of that, but now I want Ben Harper to end up in a coma! ASAP!

Is David coming for Nolan or Victoria?

Laura: I think David Clarke was not a happy daddy camper when he was told his fake daughter lived above a bar with his fake son-in-law and fake grandson. He questioned Nolan about the money and the journals, and Daddy Clarke didn't seem as happy as Nolan was about the reunion!  I am thinking David is after Nolan thinking he didn't do as he promised David to protect Amanda. Watch out Nolan, I think Daddy Clarke wants Revenge. I wonder if David has a red sharpie...

Christine:  David is such a wild card that it's a bit hard to tell but I have to agree with Laura. Things seemed a little off between David and Nolan so I'm worried. 

Paul: At first thought, I was sure it was Victoria. After thinking about it, I'm certain it's Nolan. David thinks that it is his fault that Amanda didn't complete his road map for Revenge. He won't turn on Victoria for another few months yet.

Miranda: It didn't even occur to me at first that it could be Nolan because I so badly want David not believing every line Victoria's feeding him, but after commenters on the Revenge review pointed out David punching Nolan in the face and his question about why Amanda was living above a bar, yeah, I think he's after Nolan. 

What is Daniel and Margaux's next move when the Page Six story runs?

Laura: Lets see, Daniel supposedly sleeps with Louise (that's how I took their little tryst) then he decides let's just be friends. Yep Louise is as crazy as Charlotte, but Daniel should have stopped any advances, then he wouldn't be in Louise line of fire. Watch out Danny boy! We all saw her punch the elevator...she is nuts!! 

Christine:  What's another sex scandal when you're a Grayson. It might just sell more magazines for Margaux. The sad part is that there was a time I thought Daniel had redeeming value but that is long since past. He slept with Louise when he thought it was good for his business and I don't think his relationship with Margaux is more about convenience than caring. It's really kind of sad.

Paul: This is a tough one. Margaux knows what Daniel is really like. I think she'll be annoyed, but will quickly make it back up with him. Margaux will get revenge at the same time if her magazine is running the story!

Miranda: Louise is straight crazy! I knew Margaux's "do what you have to do to keep her happy" line would come back to bite her in the ass but I'm actually disappointed in the way Daniel was written there. He could've not slept with Louise and she still could've gone crazy, you know? Ugh. I just hope Margaux finds a way to spin it for the positive. She's good at that.

Here's a sneak peek at Revenge Season 4 Episode 6, "Damage," and remember, you can watch Revenge online right here at TV Fanatic!

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