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If there's one thing we all learned on Revenge Season 4 Episode 2, it's that Charlotte is just as crazy as her father. Both of her fathers. Do not turn your back on that girl for one second!

So what did we think about Charlotte's turn for the psychotic this week? And how do we feel about the return of David Clarke? Check out the TV Fanatic panel of experts, Carla Day, Christine Orlando, and Miranda Wicker, who are joined by Laura Lynn of Revenge Agenda, and then tell us what we really want to know:

What do YOU think?

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What was your favorite quote or scene from "Disclosure?"

Laura: I loved it when Charlotte said "You chose Revenge over me?" Ummm yea she did. Ems didn't even know she had a sister until after her Revenge started via the tapes from Mason, so chill Charlotte! It's not like she and Emily would be best friends now if she hadn't chosen Revenge!

Christine:  "I'm sorry can you repeat that because all I heard was my revenge free summer being strangled to death by a web of thorns." Yes Nolan. I'm sorry but your revenge free summer is most definitely over. 

Carla: Those were both great quotes. My favorite moment was the reveal that David thought that his daughter died at sea. It doesn't explain why he didn't reveal himself to her before, but at least it provides a decent reason for why he hasn't gone to see Emily yet.

Miranda: I have to give it to Daniel and Margaux. I've actually been pulling for these two to get together since we first met her. 

How do you feel about Jack being a cop? Is this story settling in for you yet?

Laura: I don't mind it I guess, but it was kind of funny hearing him calling into HQ that the jumper was ok! And he needs something to do now that the Stowaway is burning! Poor Jack can't catch a break! He loses something every season! He needs to arrest them all!

Christine:  It's growing on me. Jack needs a purpose and the Stowaway just isn't cutting it. Being a cop gives him a reason to be in the middle of everything and having a partner gives him someone to bounce things off of. Having a partner who has the hots for Emily gives him a reason to be jealous. I'm interested to see if he does anything about that. 

Carla: Initially it was a bit odd to see him go from being in custody for questioning about Charlotte's kidnapping to being a cop, but now I'm okay with it. It gives him something to do outside of the Stowaway and provides a purpose for him in town. And, he looks good in a uniform!

Miranda: He DOES look good in a uniform, but I'm still unsure just whether or not I actually like this development for him. 

Has Charlotte gone straight up crazy or is this behavior just the drugs talking?

Laura: Charlotte has gone straight up crazy and then some! When she slapped Gideon's bed friend it was Victoria 2.0. Then the melodramatic Charlotte with Emily choosing Revenge over her, but then she went completely crazy when she knocked Emily out and burnt up the stowaway!  Then she tells a passerby "nope! No one in there!!" Yes she is crazy! Give her Victoria’s old bed at the hospital stat!

Christine:  Not just crazy but murderous, psycho crazy. I'm with Laura on this one. Someone needs to make a reservation for Charlotte in the psych ward and restraints will be necessary. 

Carla: I don't think she's put-in-an-institution crazy. She's lost her money, her place in society, her father, her mother, and now her brother and even her sleezy boyfriend. She's using drugs, had Jack participate in kidnapping her and now she finds out the person she's hated is actually her sister .... Given all of that, she's acting rather normal, I'd say. Well, Revenge normal.

Miranda: That girl is bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S. I'm not saying she doesn't deserve it, and I'm not saying I'm not loving it, but holy hell the girl is losing it.

What do you think about David Clarke pining for Victoria for all these years?

Laura: David, David, David....why? I wanted to shake him through my TV!  Why is he believing anything she is saying? Does he really think he is going to be an instant family with Victoria and Charlotte? No wonder they used him as a patsy! Wish I could believe he was playing her! He doesn't appear to be that smart...heck he confessed to killing Conrad already! 

Christine:  I'm beginning to see where Charlotte and (to a lesser extent) Emily get the crazy genes from because David is making Victoria look sane. I didn't blame Victoria for a minute for trying to hide that steak knife. I wouldn't trust this guy for a minute no matter how much he declares his undying love. 

Carla: If anyone is crazy, it's David. He's ... whoa ... he needs his head checked. He has selective knowledge which I find troublesome storywise right now. The writers better have a believable explanation for his behavior, history, and what knowledge he has. 

Miranda: I'm not sure I'm buying what he's selling. He's had all this time to contact Nolan, the person to whom he entrusted his journals, to inquire about his daughter's last days, and he hasn't? Because of Victoria? He's either the absolute worst father on television next to Rowan Pope or he's lying about his undying love for Victoria Grayson.

Will Gideon stay in prison or will he find a way to get released?

Laura: Oh Gideon! Not sure how soon we will see him again! Margaux seemed confident that it wont be anytime soon, but Gideon seems to know how to play the game so I wouldn't be surprised, but I think he is gone for now! 

Christine:  Of course he'll be out. Probably by season end just as Daniel is getting his life back on track. I'm sure we haven't seen the last of arrogant, blackmailing, coke sniffing Gideon. 

Carla: I hope he stays away for a long, long time. If we never see Gideon again, I'd be thrilled. I don't like the character at all. He doesn't add to the core story and is expendable. Please let him rot in prison.

Miranda: I'm with Carla. I want him to be gone away forever. He was just a super lame C-plot anyway. Let him stay in prison and rot there.

Daniel and Margaux: Yes or No?

Laura: Margaux and Daniel...meh. Either way doesn't bother me! She has wanted Daniel since Revenge Season 3 Episode 1 when she dropped her dress! "So why fight it anymore" as Margaux told Daniel last night! They deserve each other!

Christine: Yeah, meh covers it. There's no real chemistry there so I can't say I really care one way or another.

Carla: I don't particularly like Margaux, but if the writers are going to keep her around, she might as well date Daniel. They aren't a horrible couple and they did work well together to con and trap Gideon. They work together.

Miranda: I'm a fan! Way back in the early days of Revenge Season 1, I was a fan of Daniel and Emily (before we knew about Aiden) and I was horrified that she was essentially using him, an innocent, in this plot against his parents. So even though I've spent a good deal of the past two seasons hating him, he's the character I most want to see redeemed because I blame Emily for everything that's gone wrong in his life since they met. I think Margaux could be really good for him. She gives him a purpose and she doesn't take sh*t. Let the shipping begin!

Here's a look ahead to Revenge Season 4 Episode 3, "Ashes."

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