Scandal Round Table: "Like Father, Like Daughter"

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On Scandal last Thursday, Fitz began uncovering the truth about Jerry's death thanks (or no thanks?) to Karen's decision to shirk her Secret Service detail to get drunk and make a sex tape at a party.

His family crisis led to the moment many Scandal fans have been waiting for since the season premiere.

Fitz and Olivia. Alone. Together. In a room. Was it the moment people wanted between the two? Not according to the Scandal Round Table panel!

Join Jim Garner, Christine Orlando, Leigh Raines and Miranda Wicker as they break down "Like Father, Like Daughter." Then, jump into the comments below!

Scandal RT - depreciated -

What was your favorite quote or scene from Scandal Season 4 Episode 4?

Jim: "No, I got it. Smelly Mellie" - Fitz. That entire scene where he pointed out to her exactly _how_ checked out she has been and how none of the rest of them have had that luxury was incredible!  

Christine:  As much as I agree with you on that scene Jim, I've got to go with Mellie talking to her daughter about what happened. " If you were a boy they'd be giving you a high five." and  "So your knees are going to have to stay together." Unfortunately it's so darn true. If she were a boy that sex tape still wouldn't be good, but it wouldn't define her for the rest of her life. 

Leigh: Agree Christine, that was a great scene between Mellie and Karen. My favorite scene though was Olivia taking down the Morgans and calling them child pornographers. THAT is how it's handled. 

Miranda: Christine and Leigh stole my answers! No fair!! I'll go with Cyrus telling Abby that she has a job there and that job isn't to be Olivia, followed by the question as to whether she's ever stopped to think that it probably sucks to be Olivia Pope.

Scale of 1 to 10, how annoying was Fitz and Olivia's reunion.

Jim: I'm going with 10, I groaned no less than twice and rolled my eyes more time that I could count. Seriously, there "I hate, you I hate, you, I must have you" relationship is starting to wear. I rooted for them early on but as Olivia pointed out, they are broken now. 

Christine:  A 10. Fitz and Olivia used to be hot and sexy. Now they are simply sad and pathetic. It was my least favorite scene of the entire episode. 

Leigh: A 7. It was hard to get back into the idea of them when they had just spoken for the first time in forever. The sexual tension is still there, but I wasn't quite ready to see them get all handsy. Build up wasn't enough yet. And Fitz can't just deal with every problem by feeling her up. 

Miranda: I hated it, so I give it an 11. The middle of a national or international crisis, meh, okay? But in the middle of a family crisis when his is literally falling apart and he can only think about getting Olivia to take off her panties? Get your priorities in order, Fitz. Downward spiraling daughter trumps sexy reunion with your mistress.

Parent you most want to punch in the mouth: Fitz, Rowan, or the parents who tried to exploit the White House?

Jim: I always want to punch Rowan in the mouth, so he doesn't count :P. But, beyond that, the two parents who were in fact selling child pornography needed to be beat with a stick, not just slapped. 

Christine:  Fitz is basically an absentee parent. Rowan is a monster but the parents of Donald Tripp Morgan III win. They should be ashamed they raised a son who makes sex tapes with drunk girls at parties. Instead they want to sell them to the highest bidder and are stupid enough to think they can blackmail the President and get away with it without consequence. I truly wanted Olivia to destroy them. 

Leigh: I think we can all agree that the Morgans were repugnant. See my answer to # 1. But also let's not forget that Rowan had Jerry killed. 

Miranda: I really, REALLY wanted her to pay the Morgans off and THEN find a way to destroy them anyway. How horrible were those people when they make Rowan Pope look like a decent dad for caring about his daughter's reputation!?

How long before Abby returns to OPA?

Jim: I would stay about an hour after she pulls the stick out of her ass. GAH she is really starting to bug me! 

Christine:  I actually kind of like seeing Abby at the White House. It changes things up a bit but as Cyrus pointed out, she has to stop feeling second best to Olivia. Abby's got her own strengths and talents and Olivia's life is far from perfect. 

Leigh: Despite her discomfort with Olivia at times, I think Abby is doing a pretty good job. I don't see her coming back soon. If something were to happen to change her mind, I'd approximate it to happen in December right before the mid-season finale. 

Miranda: I'm not sure where else I said this, probably in the latest Scandal review, but I really want to see Abby open her own firm and go head to head with Olivia on a case. She has the necessary skills and talents to be a high profile fixer. She lacks confidence, which she certainly isn't gaining with no one bothering to remember her name.

Will Jake make it out of this situation, and if so, just how damaged will he be? 

Jim: That depends on if Olivia can get through to Fitz's rage to make him realize he is being played by Rowan. Poor Tom, he should have taken his chances with the truth and thrown Rowan under the bus. 

Christine:  Oh Jake! Tom has to know he's a dead man. Seems to me he'd have had a better chance ratting out Rowan and taking his chances with proving the truth. As for Jake, he's in big trouble. I don't think he gets out of this well at all. He's about to pay a hefty price for having sex with Olivia on a tropical island for two months because a long way from the sun now. 

Leigh: I actually think Olivia will figure this out with the help of David Rosen. It's going to be tough though and Jake is going to come out with a vengeance. 

Miranda: Of course he will. (I think.) I feel like he knew what had happened when he saw the security agents coming for him, so I'm sure that by now he's preparing his side of the conversation he'll have with Fitz in that sterile room. Here's hoping the two can stick to the facts about Jerry's death and leave sex with Olivia out of the discussion since that isn't relevant to the matter at hand.

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Scandal Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

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