Scandal Season 4 Episode 6 Review: An Innocent Man

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Well THAT was certainly a way to wake up. I'm not sure what nightmare Olivia was screaming from because DAYUM. I wonder what it was like for Kerry to film that scene!

Yes Scandal Season 4 Episode 6 opened with Olivia dreaming about making love to Jake on the island...but then it turned to Fitz...and back to Jake...and so on.

There's only one problem: one of these men is being accused of murder and acts of terrorism and the other man is the one who is accusing him.

I've gotta hand it to Abby this week. Red pulled up her big girl pants and took a huge risk talking to the President like that. I know it was a huge sign of disrespect but this is television and Fitz is still a regular human being who is far from perfect and often needs a wake-up call. So with that in mind: GO ABBY!

I'm not asking the commander-in-chief. I'm asking the married man who used to sleep with my friend, what exactly he has done with the man she is currently sleeping with.


Also enough with calling her Gabby. Fitz is purposely saying her name wrong to be disrespectful and it's really quite childish. Sometimes Fitz does things that make me wish he'd be the bigger person and not quite so petty.

Although after this week, maybe I do owe him some more credit. After Olivia begged and pleaded to see Jake and Rowan even told Fitz to later her (bad move Pops) Olivia told Fitz there would be no hope for them if she left Jake under Rowan's care.

"So does that mean there's hope?" Fitz demanded. According to Olivia yes, but she didn't seem so sure in that conviction. Honestly, it seemed like she was lying. I can't read Olivia right now. I can't tell if she believes Jake or not. I can't tell which man she loves more. If that opening scene was any indication, she is very torn between the two.

Fitz moved Jake for Olivia's sake. There is obviously a lot more that goes into why Fitz trusts Olivia. He's not just doing something because Liv says so, he does trust her a lot, after all she ran his campaign and has done countless favors for him as President. But it still felt like Fitz is just listening to that part of him that loves Olivia, and not what he thinks is the best move as President.

Regardless, Jake is living on borrowed time. Will David Rosen help Olivia find a way to get him out?

Great line by David after he finally beat Olivia in court.

I won. I out-Poped Olivia Pope. Eat it sucka!


Go David, he finally caught a break! That was a sickening case and one that indicated Olivia's gut must be really off. Glad David pointed out that you can't base the judicial system on a feeling you get in your stomach. 

The MVP of this episode was Bitsy. Obviously she was supposed to serve as a pseudo Nancy Reagan, but most importantly she is going to give Mellie the boost she needs to start giving it her all for the country. Loved seeing Mellie back in action and offering to get the chef to send up some fried chicken for Fitz, when he was sitting on the balcony in his robe.

That balcony is getting a lot of action this season.

A Few Other Notes

  • I loved seeing Huck playing video games with his son. He found a way to connect with him.
  • Quinn is so on the ball this season. Now WHO is stalking Olivia?!?! And WHY?
  • Does Cyrus really not realize he's being set up? Also Abby using her Pope skills to figure out who the leak was, was awesome.
  • This episode seemed very much about women-power, whether it was Olivia scolding Fitz for calling Abby a bitch or Olivia's closing quote to Rowan:

You may be command dad, but I have weapons at my disposable, weapons you can't possibly posses.


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Now sound off in the comments and let us know who you think is stalking Olivia!

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An Innocent Man Review

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Scandal Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

I'm not asking the commander-in-chief. I'm asking the married man who used to sleep with my friend, what exactly he has done with the man she is currently sleeping with.


Want me to have the chef send you up some fried chicken?

Mellie [to Fitz]