Scandal Spoilers: Down Goes Command?

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Olivia used certain “weapons” to alter the future of Jake on Scandal Season 4 Episode 6, taunting her father in the process while revealing to Fitz that hope remains for the estranged couple.

What can fans now expect moving forward? Where will things go for our Gladiators?

ABC has released the official descriptions for Scandal Season 4 Episode 7 (scheduled to air on November 6) and Scandal Season 4 Episode 8 (scheduled to air November 13.)

As for the winter finale, Scandal Season 4 Episode 9? We'll need to make do with a title only.

Consider yourself SPOILER warned and get an idea of what's to come now...

November 6, “Baby Made a Mess” – Olivia, still unable to believe that Jake is guilty, sets her eyes on Tom for additional information, and when Leo Bergen’s newest client causes a gut wrenching reaction, her associates spring into action. Meanwhile, Huck continues to play with fire, Mellie makes a power move and Elizabeth’s shocking alliance is revealed.

November 13, “The Last Supper” – Fitz and Jake continue to fight over Olivia, but Olivia needs them to focus on the real prize, taking down Command. Meanwhile, Huck longs to connect with his family and Quinn continues tracking Kubiak. Back at the White House, Cyrus' exploits finally catch up to him, but Elizabeth North's plan is much bigger than anyone ever expected.

November 20, “Where the Sun Don’t Shine” - Winter Finale.

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Scandal Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Abby: I cannot cry in the White House.
Olivia: You can cry if you want to.
Abby: Press secretaries can't cry! It's, like, a rule!

Fitz: Can we think about finding a way to spend time together now that there's...hope?
Olivia: Well, it depends.