Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 8 Review: The Separation of Crows

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Is Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 8 the beginning of the end for Jax Teller as the head of SAMCRO? 

As he sat on that rooftop Jax resembled a lost little boy, or a man who's lost his resolve to continue the blood shed. Unfortunately that moment of contemplation didn't last long. Chibs was quick to convince him that he'd put SAMCRO on this path and they needed their leader to see them through. 

When Chibs told Jax that the Sons of Anarchy had a duty, a mission, I couldn't help but wonder exactly what that was. To avenge Tara's murder? Chibs talked about the brutality that was inflicted upon Jax's family. Little do they know the person who committed the act is family. 

As I watched Jax and Chibs I couldn't help but think what a dichotomy Jax Teller is. He's capable of loving those closest to him fiercely yet he's equally able to commit horrible acts of savagery. Perhaps those are traits he inherited from his mother. 

Killing Jury may end up being part of Jax's undoing. Yes, Jury was pulling his own gun during that fight but that's not what the other members of SAMCRO will remember. It's that a charter President was killed for being a rat without bringing it to the table. Was shooting Jury a matter of self defense or the club version of vigilantism?

Bobby's fate was weighing heavily on Jax's mind when he attempted to negotiate a deal with Moses Cartwright. I loved watching Bobby in his scenes with Moses because he was such a badass. Even wounded and knowing there was more bloodshed to come, Bobby never backed down. He told Cartwright he was nothing more than another thug and put him on notice in this Sons of Anarchy quote...

This is about war and maybe tomorrow, next month, maybe ten years from now someone wearing a Reaper will cut your heart out.


Elsewhere, Juice was busy playing let's make a deal to get close to Lin in prison and Unser was quick to figure out his plan. Unser is a great investigator with plenty of experience and good instincts. Right now those instincts are telling him a piece of the puzzle is missing and it has to do with Juice and Gemma. I look forward to the moment he puts it all together. 

Finally we get to Abel who hit another boy in the head with a metal lunch box which got him sent home from school and on the list for a psych evaluation. Luckily for Gemma, everyone is writing this off as a little boy dealing with the loss of his mother. Little do they know that he overheard how Grandma killed Mommy by accident. It was hard not to smirk as Gemma asked Abel if hitting the kid was an accident...

Abel: It was an accident.
Gemma: Do you understand what an accident is?
Abel: Do you?

And Nero was right. If Jax and Gemma really care about the safety of those boys they will send them away to Nero's farm with Wendy. But with the club and self preservation taking priority, it seems as though Nero and Wendy are the only two people putting Thomas and Abel's well being firt. 

Once again, we were left with Jax receiving a box. I found it oddly amusing that not one of these men who have killed so many and seen so much bloodshed seemed willing to open that box to see what body part had been sent to them this time. 

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The Separation of Crows Review

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