South Park Season 18 Episode 3: Full Episode Live!

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The state of one's gender was called into question on South Park Season 18 Episode 3.

Titled “The Cissy,” this installment of the Comedy Central smash featured Stan searching for answers regarding how an individual who he’s always known to be one thing could suddenly identify with another thing.

Sounds pretty heavy for South Park, doesn't it? Have no fear. The laughs were still very much here.

Elsewhere, the pressure of holding on to a giant secret started to get to Randy. In what way? And what did he do about it?

Watch South Park online to find out!

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South Park Season 18 Episode 3 Quotes

He is not a girl. He is not a man. He is something you will understand. But he would die for me.


Lorde represents something in all of us. A truth that wants to be heard.