South Park Season 18 Episode 4: Full Episode Live!

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Fresh off skewering both Lorde and the Ebola virus, South Park took aim at one of the country's newest, most beloved companies on South Park Season 18 Episode 4.

We're referring, of course, to Uber.

The installment found Timmy seeking to raise some money for summer camp and coming up with a genius way in which to accomplish this goal: he'd start his very own car service!

It quickly turned into an overnight sensation, but it also raised the ire of taxi drivers around town and made Timmy his fair share of enemies.

How did he combat them? Who won out in the end? Watch South Park online to find out!

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South Park Season 18 Episode 4 Quotes

Hey, I got an idea! Why don't you guys just make YOUR cars cleaner, and nicer, and try to be better to YOUR customers so that you can compete with Handicar's popularity in the marketplace?


Oh yeah! And don't forget last year at summer camp you got raped by a shark! Ha ha! Ha ha! Ha ha