Supernatural Round Table: Finding Demon Dean

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Can you believe Supernatural has been on TV since 2005?

The show has definitely come a long way now that Dean is a demon and run off with BFF Crowley, while Sam is doing all he can to find his changed brother and deal with a sick Castiel. So just how was Supernatural Season 10 Episode 1?

TV Fanatic staff writers Carissa Pavlica, Narsimha Chintaluri, Carla Day and Sean McKenna and The Winchester Family Business' Alice Jester might not be showing off their karaoke skills (not yet, at least), but they will talk all about the Winchesters and the Supernatural Season 10 premiere.

So dust off your flannel shirts and join in the latest Supernatural Round Table below.

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

What was your favorite scene?

Alice: Besides the unveiling of the wickedly awesome title card? (Might be my favorite of them all). When Sam talked to Crowley on the phone. First I loved Crowley’s lines: “Your brother and I were beginning to wonder if you hit another dog.” Oh, snap! Sam was so emotional, so angry, and Crowley just taunted him with talk about how he and Dean were best buds. Of course, Crowley also talked enough so Sam could trace the call, thus getting his reason to convince Dean to finally leave town. Such an opportunist.

Carissa: Every scene with Crowley and Dean. There were so many incredible throwaway lines by Crowley it was impossible to keep up. There was one really tiny one when he told Dean he'd always cherish their Flickr album, I gurgled my drink up.

Narsimha: It caught me off guard at first, but I loved the shot of Sam screaming "where is my brother?" before the new title card (which I agree with Alice, is awesome). The angle they shot that and Jared Padalecki's intensity were awesome. But as for my favorite scene, I agree with Carissa that it's definitely a combination of all the Dean/Crowley moments. Or maybe that one badass scene where as Sam watches the security footage of Dean demolishing the other demon at the gas station, Dean is going HAM on yet another warm up sent by Crowley.

Carla: Dean and Crowley were awesome together. Dean's horrible karaoke was as entertaining as I expected. For favorite, I have to go with the look on both Dean and Sam's faces when Dean said he wouldn't come for his brother. Their relationship is the heart of the show even in that moment when they were about as far apart emotionally as they could be.

Sean: I always look forward to a premiere's "The Road So Far" and new title card, but I have to go with pretty much everything involving Dean and Crowley. It's just a new and fresh thing to see on the show that I really am intrigued where it's going. Of course, with Dean being involved with Crowley means we get tons of great one-liners that only someone like Crowley could truly pull off.

Will Castiel get himself better soon?

Alice: Considering the alternative is death, yeah, I’m thinking some sort if solution will happen. I do wish Sam had spent some of this summer trying to help Castiel out of his predicament. After all, he has that vast library at his disposal and a keen sense for research. It would have taken his mind off Dean. Right, I’m supposed to be answering the question about Castiel. Yes.

Carissa: Nah. What fun will that be? But I also know that someone is going to help him by calling in a surprising source thanks to another article on this site. So...

Narsimha: I mean, yeah I don't think he'll die. But I don't really care to be honest... it's not very interesting. I also wish he kind of took more of a stand defending humans this episode, instead of ultimately killing an angel that's very much like he was at one point. The angel that he protected by doing so was also too trigger happy in my opinion. I wasn't a fan. Castiel's sections were definitely low points this weeks, which was upsetting. And that coughing of his was so annoying!

Carla: I don't think it will be soon nor do I think he will "get himself better." He will heal though. It's just a matter of finding his own grace and convincing the keeper of it to give it back. It won't be easy, but he'll find a way. The concern I have is how much will it cost him to get his grace back....

Sean: I would assume he would and since Carissa can see into the future or something... If anything, I'm interested to see where his story will go and hope that he and Sam pair up more since Crowley and Dean seem to be doing their BFF thing.

What do you think of Dean and Crowley’s escapades and new “friendship”?

Alice: I think that friendship is all in Crowley’s head. Dean’s in a place right now where his only priority is himself. I’m not sure why Crowley has been humoring Dean all this time. It doesn’t look like he’s been enjoying himself, and he’s getting frustrated that Dean wants to party and not get back to ruling Hell together. Plus, they both really suck at Foosball. It’s all fishy to me.

Carissa: LOVE. Who knew Crowley would actually reach the end of his rope with Mr. Fun and Games? How funny is that? The King of Hell is annoyed by Deanmon. I know everyone hates Sam and Dean being separated, but Dean and Crowley are magical.

Narsimha: Amazing. After nine seasons, I'd much much much rather get a black kryptonite version of Dean (so to speak) forming a relationship with Crowley than go through more drama with Sam. The actors already had pitch-perfect chemistry when they were playing enemies but it was even better to see them together this episode. But it looks like that's already over (?) since Dean left on his own.

Carla: Hilarious and awesome. As others have said, I do think it's one-sided though, but that makes it even better. We are seeing a Crowley who wants and needs Dean and the companionship he provides. It's an ultimate bro-mance though highly unhealthy given Crowley's reliance on Dean and Dean's indifference to Crowley.

Sean: Like I said before, I love how Supernatural (whether they succeed or not) tries something new. So to see Dean on this darker kick is fascinating, though you'd think Crowley would be more wary. Or maybe that's why he's letting Dean do his "party time." Though I figured one of them would show off their Foosball skills...

Who is that guy that captured Sam?

Alice: That does seem to be the mystery that they’ve setup for us, huh?  He didn’t seem like a demon to me, but it didn’t sound like he was a hunter either. His wife got upset, so it’s probably a family vendetta. He’s certainly got some military leanings. So yeah, I got nothing. What I do know is Sam is in serious trouble.

Carissa: His dad was probably a turned demon or something and Dean killed him. Now vengeance will be his!!! Honestly, he was kinda easy on the eyes, so I don't mind his presence.

Narsimha: Could be anyone really - they've made it clear that things have happened since Dean first passed away/turned (Sam's shoulder, Castiel getting even weaker, Dean and Crowley's "escapade," etc.). Maybe it's something that happened during that time. But then how does he know to use Sam? I'm confused. The idea of a 10th season seems to have revitalized the series and knocked a BUNCH of the dust off - so I hope they follow through well with this story. I honestly can't praise this premiere enough to be honest. The writing was sharper than usual, the directing was actually notably more crisp, and the plots seems to be forming very nicely. I'm excited.

Carla: Supposedly, Cole is someone from Dean's past. The how and when they crossed paths, we'll have to wait and see.

Sean: I agree on the revenge thing, but I was wondering just how far back he "knew" Dean. He definitely seems a formidable foe and its a nice change up from facing off against super powerful bad guys. I'm eager to see how long he sticks around, and just what his plans are.

Were you surprised that Dean basically said he wasn’t coming for Sam?

Alice: Not at all! For one, Demon Dean knows that Sam is his greatest weakness. He’s on this invincible power trip and coming after Sam would expose him. Second, Sam did give him all sorts of grief last season for saving him. I’m sure that’s fresh in his mind, demon or not. Third, he just went through that thing with the waitress where he basically chose not to care about anything. He probably figures Sam will get himself out of it, otherwise, not his problem. It’s consistent with what we saw in the episode. It also pretty much sucks, but we’ve got to accept what we’re given.

Carissa: I'm not sure how I can compete with Alice's answer. She pretty much got all possible alternatives nailed down. We know Dean still loves him, even as Deanmon. I thought it was a great first outing.

Narsimha: Sure Dean must love Sam still, even as a demon, or whatever. But being a demon, it basically removes his moral center right? There's still wit and a sense of humor, even room for compassion, as the likes of Crowley have exhibited. The kind of the bigger strokes of his personality are probably still there, but what truly makes Dean, Dean, isn't there. I honestly don't think he'll go for Sam - and I hope he doesn't. Makes everything so much more exciting. Maybe Sam and Carissa's new eye-candy (as if this show didn't already have enough for the female viewers) team up to kill Dean. Who knows? All I know is I want conflict, conflict, conflict. No easy solutions, no lazy writing, no short-cuts. And the team behind this season, or at least this premiere, seem more than up to the challenge.

Carla: No. Though, I'm not entirely convinced that Dean did it out of a lack of concern or consideration for his brother. Dean doesn't care about anyone but himself, so turning himself over to Cole wouldn't be prudent. At the same time, if he knows Cole, he probably knows that he wouldn't actually kill Sam either.

Sean: No, but I was still hoping he would go after that guy Taken-style. If anything, it fits with Dean's changes, but it makes me wonder just how dark and evil he could possibly go.

Sean McKenna was a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. He retired in May of 2017. Follow him on Twitter.

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