Supernatural Round Table: No More Mr. Nice Dean

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Looks like demon Dean is more dangerous and dark than Sam thought.

With BFF breakups, Metatron deals and Cole learning the truth about monsters, Supernatural Season 10 appears to be off to a solid start. That means TV Fanatic staff writers Carissa Pavlica, Narsimha Chintaluri and Sean McKenna and The Winchester Family Business' Alice Jester have a lot to chat about when it comes to Supernatural Season 10 Episode 2.   

So join in the latest Supernatural Round Table and be sure to sound off with your own comments!

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

What was your favorite scene?

Narsimha: Like I mentioned last week, Supernatural seems to be revitalized this season. This was another fantastic episode, and there were plenty of moments to love. Demon Dean bullying Crowley, toying with Cole during their fight, berating the stripper - pretty much anything with Jenson Ackles. That final scene with him in the back of the Impala (how dare he say it's just a car!!) was ominous and menacing in all the right ways. I kind of have a bad feeling, with all that take of "fate" and not wanting his grace back from Castiel, that Dean will end up killing him - pushing Sam to team up with Cole or something. Maybe that's what he meant by not showing Sam any mercy, just as he believes that he left Cole alive because that was the worst thing he could've done to the man.

Carissa: Crowley looking at the photo on his phone of him and Dean drinking beer together. He's really disappointed about where this all went.

Alice: I swear I should say the last scene, with Dean totally creeping out Sam with his evilness in the Impala (and me too), but I really loved more the confrontation scene between Dean and Cole. For one, the fight choreography was amazing! Two, Dean’s lines were so perfect. You’ll always win me over with a The Princess Bride reference! Finally, it was an education for Cole, who now that he know that monsters are real, is on his way to be the next great tragic hero. 

Sean: I really liked the scene where Sam was telling Dean he was going to take him. It felt so true to what Sam and Dean do when the other is trouble, but to then hear Dean mock it and then threaten to bite out Sam's neck? It's chilling to see Dean as a demon and just how darkside he has gone.

Should Castiel take Metatron's deal?

Narsimha: No, Castiel's earned the right to make his own decisions. The only reason to take his deal would be to keep living, and if Castiel has decided that he's reached the end of his journey then so be it. Especially if that guarantees Metatron rotting for at least a few millennia.

Carissa: No, nobody should ever make a deal with Metatron. He cannot be trusted, and haven't we seen enough of him already? Block over his cage so we don't have to deal with him anymore.

Alice: Of course not! After all, Castiel said it, Metatron’s a liar. How do you enforce “I’ll leave Earth alone and go wreak havoc elsewhere?” He’d take Earth too because he could. What it did do is give Castiel that reason to live and keep fighting. Which he better do, because he needs a better plot, and he rocks. 

Sean: Not at this stage of the game, that's for sure. I'm kind of done with Metatron. But that said, Castiel is dying, and I'm wondering if there's any other way for him to live than ultimately making that deal with the locked up villain.

Were you surprised Crowley gave up Dean to Sam?

Narsimha: Nope. Crowley clearly didn't know what he was getting into when he converted the marked Dean, and he got more than he bargained for. He'd rather it be Sam's problem. I wanted Dean to stay with Crowley simply to watch them wreak havoc, but Dean seems to be doing a great job on his own.

Carissa: No. Like I said earlier, I think Crowley is shocked at how this all went down. Frankly, so am I. I wanted more with the two and for it to be more than Dean's inner demons capturing the real demon. His anger is so sad.

Alice: No. Crowley has always been a plan B kind of guy. If anyone can keep Dean in line, it’s “Bullwinkle” (bwah!) What surprised me is how overplayed his sadness was over losing Dean. It was a bit too over the top for me. Come on, this is the King of Hell! I like my demons menacing. Ah well, like he told Dean, it’s over. 

Sean: This is Crowley we're talking about here. He does what he wants to get his way. Though I'm sure Dean will be coming back for him with a vengeance. I mean, that scene where Dean shoves Crowley? Demon Dean is definitely a danger.

Are you enjoying this demon version of Dean?

Narsimha: I'm still iffy about the nature of "Demon Dean," but it's been awesome so far! Dean with black eyes is cool as hell, and he's just an all around badass. I hope they don't make any unnecessary compromises and see this story arc all the way through to the, probably grim, end.

Carissa: At this juncture, I'm unsure. I need more information on where they're taking him before I can properly assess.

Alice: Yes, but I’m not sure how much more I can take of it. If I had to watch this for a whole half season like we did with Soulless Sam, I’d probably have to end it all (or just stop watching the show). That grew tiresome only after a few episodes. I’m willing to take one or two more episodes of his delicious evil, then I want to see how horrified and remorseful Dean gets over the whole thing. I demand that man pain! 

Sean: It's such a fresh and interesting take. Turning the good guy into a definite bad guy, while keeping some of this Dean-isms? Watching demon Dean is both entertaining and scary. I'm curious as to how this whole story will play out.

Do you think Cole will eventually team up with Sam?

Narsimha: Like I mentioned, with the way Dean messed with his head, and since he finally knows that Sam was telling the truth, I can definitely see this happening. I don't know how soon, seeing as how Cole's already decided to head to the library (all bloody, at that) instead of contacting Sam, but if Dean kills Castiel like I predicted, then I can see both victims teaming up. I'd also like to know what Cole's father was/did to make Dean kill him back in the day. That also reminds me, man these guys are getting old! Cole was 13 when his father died, and he's like, what, at least 25 now, right? No, he said he's been on two tours in the military, so he's got to be older right? Either way, Dean was probably in his early 20s when he killed Cole's father and he's in his mid 30s by now I think. Damn! Also, what did Cole mean when he said he was impressed by Dean over the years, or knows what he was capable of? If Cole didn't know about the existence of monsters, then did he just think Dean was a serial killer or something and that Sam was his innocent brother? Questions, questions, questions.

Carissa: I'm confused over his point. Who was his dad? Was he someone important? A run of the mill demon? I get that he's upset over everything and wants vengeance, but I want more about that night his dad died before I buy into him being more of a player.

Alice: Probably, but I think he will eventually team up with Sam and Dean. I’m with Carissa and Narsimha, we need an explanation first as to why Dean killed (or supposedly killed) his father. Also, forget the fact that Cole is like 24 and has done two tours in the military, how is he a father of an 8-year-old kid? That means he got a girl pregnant three years after the horrific scene we saw in the teaser. Math people, math. Anyway, maybe by season 12 he’ll be a badass super hunter in Sam and Dean’s Men of Letters network.

Sean: It's funny because I even was wondering about the whole age thing. Can I get a calculator please? But yes, I think Cole will team up with Sam at some point, though I'd also like to further delve into just why Dean killed his father, etc. He's an interesting character that's been introduced, let's not squander that!

Let's take a look ahead now to Supernatural Season 10 Episode 3, shall we?

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