Supernatural Season 10 Episode 4 Preview: What's Eating You?!

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This stuff must happen all the time, right?

That was part of the preview after Supernatural Season 10 Episode 3, showcasing what's happening in "Paper Moon." There is an outbreak of flesh eating going around... or something. No, it's not common, even for a Winchester!

On Supernatural Season 10 Episode 4 that something is due to werewolves. Imagine the surprise on their faces when Sam and Dean discover werewolf Kate (who they let live) might be at the center of it all!

From the photos, it seems she might have gotten in with the wrong people. It happens to regular humans, why not werewolves?

Flip through the photos and rejoice that Sam and Dean are back together and kickin' it old style (for now).

If you need a primer, you can watch Supernatural online any time via TV Fanatic!

Here is a preview of all the action to come:

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