The Blacklist Season 2 Episode 4 Review: Dr. Linus Creel

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Did I think that maybe we would get just a few answers in The Blacklist Season 2 Episode 4?

Maybe. Or maybe I should have gone with my gut and recognized that it’s only the fourth episode and the promo for it wasn’t exactly what it appeared to be.

Because ultimately the hour, while providing an intriguing new blacklister, deflected and teased the bigger story involving the mystery behind Liz and her connection to Red.

Sure, there was an intense moment where Red’s ex-wife shouted at Red and hinted at “Jennifer” and keeping up her end of the bargain. And like Liz, we’re eager to know some truths behind it all.

Unfortunately, Red had other plans and so did the episode.

The thing is that Dr. Linus Creel was a character placed within an interesting concept of a black budget program involving mind control and assassins. Taking so-called normal people and essentially manipulating them into breaking down into killing machines makes you really wonder if having a particular gene does influence those certain actions.

Creel was a weird character, played by former Breaking Bad alum David Costabile, and his quiet intensity and hair picking was unsettling. What’s more was his intellectual status and years of research put into his project. He sounded off his rocker, but clearly, he was able to get these people to snap and kill.

It made for a tense-filled scene when Liz put herself on the line to get Creel’s password, not only watching him fascinated with her, but the possibility she might get caught. Lucky she knows magic.

But I had to roll my eyes at Liz getting captured and held as a hostage, even if only for a bit. C’mon, Liz. You’re better than that.

I guess it’s helpful she has someone protecting her with a sniper rifle, but it would also make me upset that Red is behind it.

Red really thinks he can do whatever he wants, and so far, it seems like he can.

Take for example his convincing of Frank, his ex-wife’s new love, with that stick to the neck threat. Though it was really funny seeing him try and get the dog to play fetch right after.

And I’ve got to hand it to Paul Reubens for making Mr. Vargas such a fascinating and engaging character. He’s so quirky, but there’s such a dangerous side as well. He really only had one scene, but he killed it simply with his presence and demeanor. Good to know the dog got a walk.

It’s just unfortunate that even when Liz finally found a way to get to Naomi, Red swooped right in and whisked her away. And he may have revealed that he sent the sniper guy to follow her or Naomi said she didn’t know where Jennifer was, but we really didn’t learn anything new about Liz.

And I can’t help but feel that tease at the end about what’s behind that locked door (Is it Tom?) is just that, another tease.

Perhaps I was expecting too much from the fourth episode of The Blacklist Season 2, but I know I'm right in Liz's boat of eagerly wanting to know the truth.

What did you think? Will Liz find out the truth? What's behind that door? Watch The Blacklist online to see the latest installment of the show all unfold.

Dr. Linus Creel Review

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