The Good Wife: Watch Season 6 Episode 5 Online Now!

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This is one of the wackiest seasons.

On The Good Wife Season 6 Episode 5, Elsbeth returns to try a case with her partner Rayna Hecht. Elsbeth is seeing things, things that somehow Alicia can manipulate to drive her crazy. Rayna looks like she's been vacationing in Brazil after slathering in self tanning lotion.

Diane clicks on a link in an email that anyone else would know without a doubt was a Trojan. Yet click it she does. When does realism stop and surrealism begin? Is any of this season even true? 

Alicia is ready to make her candidate's announcement to run for States Attorney. There is an argument between the spouses when Finn Polmar agrees to stand up for her and Peter doesn't want to be overshadowed. Can the political power couple find a meeting point?

What will the press do with their past as husband and wife now that the second spouse is ready to hit the political ground running? 

Seriously -- this is one installment you don't want to miss. Russians, cockroaches, dripping ceilings, illicit affairs and confused mental states are only a drop in the bucket. Do yourself a favor -- watch The Good Wife online right now!

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