Transparent Season 1 Episode 10 Review: Why Do We Cover the Mirrors?

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In Transparent Season 1 Episode 10 we find the Pferffman family all preparing to say goodbye to Ed. As I suspected, there was plenty of drama, humor and sweet moments to go around at Ed's funeral and subsequent Shiva. 

We did find out why we cover mirrors. According to Raquel, it allows us to forget about ourselves and our vanity. 

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There was Tammy and Len fighting over carrying Ed's casket, Shelley worrying about the amounts of coleslaw and mustard and Maura showing up fashionably late. 

On a more serious note, there feels like so much in this episode that I want to cover and comment on, but I just cant without writing a small book. 

I can't comment on all of the funny lines and subtle interactions that make this show awesome. Thus, I will try to focus on the scenes that got the biggest reaction out of me, and hopefully the other viewers out there as well. 

My favorite scenes from this episode are very Ali-centric. From her conversation with Syd we got the most in depth look at Josh's issues. 

Josh wants to see it in your eyes that you love him. You never met anyone like him before. What's crazy is that he told me about that, but then it was still happening.


So this is what has been going on in Josh's relationships, and can explain what happened with Kaya.

Ali realized how messed up Josh's relationships with women are. He is not a sex addict, its potentially worse, he is a love addict. After Ali told this to Raquel, you could see the the gears turning in the rabbi's head over this analysis of Josh's character. 

It seemed confirmed later that Josh is a love addict when Josh told Raquel that he loved her, and wanted to have everything with her. I think it is fair to be conflicted about whether he was being sincere or not. 

The whole relationship imploded when he started listing the women who may have spilled the beans to Raquel. For one funeral, that was quite a few women that Josh had been with. 

After arguing with Raquel, the information sharing involving Josh's life was still not done. Josh was stopped from worrying about Raquel, after Rita revealed that the younger kid she brought to the funeral was Josh's son. Phew! 

Ali seemed to be on a rampage in this episode, leading to the climax that was the fight between her and Maura. 

When did Ali suddenly become upset about not having a Bat Mitzvah? Did this seem to come out of nowhere? She only seemed to care about her Bat Mitzvah being canceled after her conversation with Raquel, who responded that people make mistakes, but that the Pferffman's are a great family. 

How did this lead Ali to become obsessed with her Bat Mitzvah? 

When she approached Shelley about it, she had a well put, succinct answer. 

Ali:You are telling me I didn't have a Bat Mitzvah because Dad wanted to out in the woods and dress up like a woman?
Shelley: That and you were a spoiled brat.

The fight with Maura was my favorite scene of the episode. It began with a topic that seemed to come out of nowhere, and developed into so much more. 

Ali questioned whether she was the selfish one in the room, frankly, I have to agree with Maura that Ali is, indeed, the selfish one in this situation.

Because my beautiful girl, you cannot do anything. You know you have so much more to say now than when I was writing your checks.


Did Ali forget that Maura was bank rolling her life? Ali is presumably in her late 20s(30s??), and is still depending on her Dad for regular checks? 

Ali: I don't need or want or give a shit about your money. It can't scream at me anymore because I am an adult. Okay? So there we go. Its settled. We are done.
Maura: No that you aren't on the payroll anymore, do you like me? If I didn't give you any money would you even talk to me?

Does she even like Maura? This was an intense argument. It was one of those arguments where you say a fundamental truth about someone, but regret saying it immediately after. 

In the last scene of the season the Pferffmans are all having dinner together, complete with a Christian prayer to bless the meal. It was hilarious how strange this was for them.

Now that Transparent was renewed for Season 2, it is safe to say that this ending has set up where the next season will go. 

I can only assume that Josh introduced the Pferffman's to his son, which I am dying to get more of. I love the idea of another character, who has a very different background, being introduced to the Pferffman family. 

Sarah is missing Len in some capacity, and I stand by what I said in my Transparent Season 1 Episode 1 Review, that for Sarah this is a journey of how you know what your identity is at its core? How do you decide?

I am excited about where all of the Pferffman's will be next season. They have all been on amazing identity journeys of discovery this season.

To get some perspective I went back and rewatched the first episode, and realized how much I have grown to know these characters over ten episodes. 

I will certainly be waiting for Transparent Season 2 to come out! 

What did you think of the season finale? What was your favorite scene? Did you think that Ali was being selfish this episode? What are you predictions for where the next season will go?

Hit the comments below and feel free to disagree with anything I have said! 

If you still have not watched you can watch Transparent online via TV Fanatic! 

Why Do We Cover the Mirrors? Review

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Transparent Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Josh wants to see it in your eyes that you love him. You never met anyone like him before. What's crazy is that he told me about that, but then it was still happening.


Did you order the coleslaw?