Z Nation Season 1 Episode 5 Review: Home Sweet Zombie

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Okay, I'm going to start by saying Z Nation Season 1 Episode 5 wasn't nearly as ridiculous as I was expecting. The Z-Nado promos had me worried for a second there.

This installment not only gave us a zombie tornado, but Z-firefighters as well. Let's not forget Doc drilled into that poor dude's head. Fun times!

"Home Sweet Zombie" brings us to Southern Illinois. Not too shabby actually, that's almost half way to Cali already. At this rate the survivors will get there in a few more episodes.

Citizen Z is bored and monitoring the weather apparently. He broadcasts a tornado warning. I like DJ Qualls but he's terribly misused on this show. So much in fact, they made him drink booze out of a doggie bowl. Ewww!

Murphy's comment about Citizen Z was spot on wasn't it? "After he was so wrong about that chopper, weatherman's a pretty good job for that geek" he says. Seriously, how could Z have "visual confirmation" of the chopper and not see the blades were missing? I mentioned that in last week's Z Nation Season 1 Episode 4 review. The writers are laughing at their own silliness here for sure.

Yup, I was skeptical about this "Z-Nado" episode, but I've got to admit Addy saying "cloudy with a chance of zombie" made me giggle. Guess I was in a better mood this week.

So Addy and Mack run upstairs for a little sexy time and behind door number 1... zombie ménage. Good thing door number 2 was clear. The kids strip down and get busy. Well up until Addy's creepy flashback that is. Talk about a mood killer. Do you think these are related to her cannibal abduction?

Garnett and Roberta discuss the past and how it's harder and harder to remember loved ones. He had a wife and kids, she had a husband. Garnett realizes they're close to Roberta's home town of Castle Point. I was surprised she didn't want to know for sure if Antoine survived.

The running joke with the Z's hitting the electric fence was a trip. Though how convenient was it that lightning strikes and shorts out the fence? So much for peace and a little down time at the house. Zombies crash the party... Run for your lives!

Back at Northern Light, Citizen Z's a little drunk and broadcasts news on the most badass storm ever...

I don't know if they call this thing a turcane or a tornado or what, but if you're anywhere south of Chicago or east of the Rockies I'm issuing a get your butt in a bunker warning.

Citizen Z

Is it me or is Addy much more annoyed with Citizen Z this week? It's probably just the weird flashbacks that are bugging her. Who knows, but he is irritating.

Roberta and the gang head to Castle Point. Luckily for our survivors she's got a storm cellar at her place.

Part of me thought Roberta's husband, Antoine, would still be holding down the fort at the firehouse. I should've known better right? By the way, how did you like Murphy's nasty comment about saving dead hubbies? What an a-hole... ugh! If I were on the show, someone would have to stop me from giving him mercy... Savior of mankind and all.

As the winds begin to pick up, we see hoards of zombies wandering aimlessly. I was waiting to see the tornado lift those suckers right up. When the tornado finally starting shooting out zombies, I was not disappointed. That was a blast to watch wasn't it?

My first thought when the young couple was discovered inside the house was the hidden key. I figured hey perhaps Antoine told them where it was. Wasn't it amusing that the wounded boyfriend was named Rick? There are Walking Dead references left and right on this show.

While Mack and Addy take supplies down to the basement to ride out the storm, Garnett and Roberta go to the fire station for medical supplies or a first aid kit. Makes sense because that poor dude was bleeding to death, he needed treatment ASAP.

We've know for a while now that Murphy is rotting. I think this week looking in that mirror he realized it himself for the first time. What is he exactly, a hybrid? Will he continue rotting to the point he becomes a regular Z? He looks completely unrecognizable bald doesn't he? Still a dick though Ha!

At the fire station, Garnett remains hopeful Roberta's husband is alive. She doesn't share his optimism... then Zombie Firemen FTW!

As they're dishing out mercy to the Z-firemen, I kept wondering if one of them was Antoine. They eventually check every Z-fireman looking for him, but nada.

Back in the basement, Doc tends to the wounded guy. I couldn't believe they drilled into his skull like that... ouch! I totally cracked up when Mack asked if it was going to work and Doc replies "I don't know. I didn't see the end of the episode."

Garnett and Roberta swipe the fire truck and arrive at her place just as the tornado funnel begins taking shape.

Garnett: Does that thing look bad to you? Is that what I think?
Roberta: It ain't sharks.

That's right, the twister picked up a ton of zombies and started shooting them out at our heroes. Sure it was silly, but so much fun. I think I've embraced the ridiculousness of Z Nation. There's no point in fighting it, so I'm just gonna go with the flow people.

10K and Cassandra don't make it back in time and take shelter in a car. Seriously guys a car? Like that tornado wouldn't pick up and destroy that little car in real life. Who knows maybe one of the characters will make a crack about this in next week's installment.

I wasn't sure why Roberta went from wanting to drive past her town to wanting to die there. It was inconsistent for such a strong character. Then again, that type of thing happens a lot on this show.

Anyway, she locks the gang in her basement and sits outside the door with her wedding album. I certainly was not expecting a fireman to walk up and save her. Hey at least the show can still surprise us. The visual effects in that scene were pretty damn cool too.

Why couldn't Murphy take out the zombie that crash landed in the basement? Was he seeing himself in the creature? Maybe he's just a nutcase.

Can you believe the young couple actually survived? That's something else I wasn't expecting. I couldn't believe Doc didn't want to share the pain meds with that poor guy. Especially after drilling into his frakkin' skull. Good thing he changed his tune, otherwise he'd be the new Murphy.

Just when Roberta makes peace with Antoine's death, and says her goodbyes... Z-Antoine appears and staggers into the sunset. So he actually saved her, nice!

What did you guys think of "Home Sweet Zombie"? Was the installment better than you were expecting? Did you enjoy the Z-Nado as much as I did? You're up guys, hit the comments section and let me know what you thought of Episode 5. See you back here next week.

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Home Sweet Zombie Review

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Z Nation Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

I don't know if they call this thing a turcane or a tornado or what, but if you're anywhere south of Chicago or east of the Rockies I'm issuing a get your butt in a bunker warning.

Citizen Z

Garnett: Does that thing look bad to you? Is that what I think?
Roberta: It ain't sharks.