Arrow Season 3 Episode 6 Photo Preview: Strung Up

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We all know Laurel has been training her little heart out at Wildcat Gym (did we know the name?).

When a body is found strung up at the gym, will Laurel's training be outed? What is Oliver doing at the gym in the dark? Perhaps he received a tip.

There is little in these Arrow Season 3 Episode 6 photos to suggest we're going to learn much about Roy's dreams.

However, there is one photo of Roy talking with Felicity that looks suspiciously like the scene from the preview where he confessed to her what he has been dreaming about -- the murder of Sara.

With a title like "Guilty" and no photos released until practically airtime (and rather generic photos at that -- how many do we need of The Arrow poised to shoot?), we could be witnessing a bait and switch tactic by the network and show producers to draw us away from the big story.

Oliver and Laurel hug it out at some point, but we won't know what it means until airtime!

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Arrow Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Roy: Nothin' much. Just a feeling. A feeling of being not me. Being strong and out of control. But, here's the thing, in those dreams, I killed Sara.
Felicity: And this really had you worried.
Roy: Because the dreams, they didn't feel like dreams, Felicity, they felt like memories. I actually remember throwing arrows into her. Crazy, right?
Felicity: Yeah. Crazy.

Felicity: You just had me test your blood for a serum you were cured from six months ago. I already knew it was stupid.
Roy: The reason I haven't been sleeping is because I have been having dreams, and not normal ones.