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Boy is about to meet a very dangerous world.

In news broken by TV Guide, Ben Savage has been cast as a younger version of Gideon, the character made famous by Mandy Patinkin before he departed this CBS drama.

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According to showrunner Erica Messer, Savage will show up on Criminal Minds Season 10 Episode 13, which will feature flashbacks to the early days of the BAU in the 1970s.

Robert Dunne, who portrayed young Rossi in Season 8, will reprise his role for the installment, which will air in January and which will center on a case that prompts Rossi to hearken back many decades.

"I've wanted to go back to how the BAU all started and now being in Season 10, it feels like it's time," Messer tells TV Guide. "I'm really excited about it to show our heroes from the beginning in the bomb shelter in Quantico. [Rossi's] memory drives us into the flashback, but it's also very reflective for the whole cast. It's not a typical episode."

Gideon (as played by Patinkin) has not been seen since Season 3 after the murder of his girlfriend caused him to depart the agency.

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