Bones Picture Preview: A New Arrival

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Okay, Bones fans. Get your tissues ready.

From the looks of things, Bones Season 10 Episode 8 is going to be an emotional one.

Daisy Wick is back as the squintern of the week, and she helps Brennan and the rest of the team as they investigate the murder of a famous crossword puzzle master. The evidence itself seems to be a bit puzzling (and disgusting) for what sounds like an unusual case.

But the investigation might just be put on hold when Daisy goes into labor. Is it too soon?

The past few episodes have been a bit more lighthearted, but this one is going to be bittersweet. It will remind us of the loss of Sweets and the new family that he was about to have. His character will no doubt be honored in this episode as everyone gathers around to support Daisy during labor and delivery.

Check out the photos above for a preview of "The Puzzler in the Pit." And if you're like me, you may want to prepare yourself. Even these photos make me tear up a bit.

And if you can't wait until Thursday to watch more Bones, remember that you can always watch Bones online via TV Fanatic.

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