Bones Round Table: The Jack-Ass in the Jeffersonian

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Flying skulls, curse words, and a challenge to Dr. Brennan, Bones Season 10 Episode 7 gave TV Fanatic writers Bridget Liszewski, Mary Kate Venedam, Christine Orlando, and Ashley Bissette Sumerel quite a bit to talk about this week.

And what about James Aubrey? His past affected his professional life this week, but it also gave him a chance to bond with Brennan. Read our thoughts on "The Money Make in the Merry-Go-Round" below, and don't forget to leave a comment!

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What do you think of Oliver Wells and his goal to be better than Brennan?

Bridget: My feelings about Oliver fall pretty much in line with the rest of the Jeffersonian team. I am not too fond of Mr. Wells, but I do enjoy the competitive nature he brought out in Brennan. She is clearly the best in her field, and it’s rare that she actually feels challenged by someone. It’s a nice change up for the writers to throw him into the mix every now and then.

Mary Kate: Oliver is probably my least favorite Squintern. I know it's supposed to be entertaining to watch him compete with Brennan, but I just find it pretentious. The Jeffersonian is Brennan's turf, Oliver would be crazy to think he had a chance to demean her by trying to be better.

Christine: I'm with Bridget on this one. As much as I dislike Oliver and I wouldn't want to see him in every episode, it is fun to have him come along and challenge the team, especially Brennan. Oliver changes things up a bit, and there's nothing wrong with that…in small doses.

Ashley: He's definitely annoying. But he's an example of why the rotating squintern idea works so well. Seeing Brennan be challenged by someone so egotistical is interesting to watch, and it brings out a different side of her. But yes -- like Christine says, small doses, please.

We learned something about James Aubrey's past in this episode. How do think that will affect his character?

Bridget: I loved that we finally got some more insight into Aubrey’s past. The fact that he had to work for things in his life explains more of why he’s such a fighter in terms of weaseling his way onto cases and into the team dynamics. I also think learning that he lacked a male role model explains why he’s so eager to work with Booth. Here’s a guy who he can really look up to and learn from, and that’s clearly something he’s been missing from his life. It all made me like Aubrey even more, and maybe made some of those fans who don’t share my enthusiasm for the character have some empathy towards him.

Mary Kate: I'm not sure how it will affect the character, but it may change the way we view his character now that we know more about his background. It is interesting to think how much Brennan and Aubrey have in common with their parents' abandonment, in the same way as Brennan's connection to Sweets with being in the foster system. I'm curious if they'll bring that information into another case with Aubrey or if it'll just be a fact we now know about him.

Christine: I already liked Aubrey so getting to know more about his background was a definite bonus. It showed a vulnerable side and as Bridget mentioned, also may explain why he gravitates to Booth as a strong role model.

Ashley: I agree. For starters, learning more background about him is going to make the audience care about his character. I remember there being a time when I wasn't thrilled about the addition of Sweets (aside from being happy to see John Francis Daley on screen again), but we quickly became such an important part of the cast, and his character was endearing and complex. There's no reason the same can't happen for James Aubrey, and learning background that makes him relatable to Brennan could offer something new and interesting to the show.

Who was right about Christine's use of the word "jack-ass" -- Booth or Brennan?

Bridget: I think we can all agree that was a classic Bones argument, and a perfect example of what makes the show so great. Speaking from personal experience with my two-year-old, having been initially impressed that she used the swear word in the right context, and thus initially siding with Brennan, in the end I think Booth is right. As much as we want to laugh at times, they need to be corrected. Also, having my kids going to daycare and repeating my bad language is one of my biggest fears, perfectly captured by the Bones writers there!

Mary Kate: I'm going to go with Booth. But that is mostly because of the last scene. Sure, it's a "gate-way" word, but no matter what, most people could agree that you don't want your kid going around calling their teacher, friends, etc. a jack-ass, even if it isn't the worst curse word. I wish we heard Brennan's explanation at the end of the episode because I bet it would've been entertaining.

Christine: Oh, definitely Booth. That is a slippery slope you don't want to go down. Plus, once they realize they can get attention (good or bad) for using the word, it tends to make it all the more attractive. Stop the "gateway" words and maybe the bigger ones won't be as much of an issue.

Ashley: At first, I wanted to agree with Brennan. It's just a word, right? But even though my little one isn't there yet, I can't imagine her going to school one day and calling her teacher a jack-ass. Yikes!

Do you have any criticisms of this episode?

Bridget: Overall, I enjoyed the episode, so I have nothing that really jumps out at me. There’s been a faction of Bones fans who have wanted more scenes between Booth and Brennan, and they should be happier after this episode. Not only did we get the nice bookend scenes to the episode with Christine, but the diner scene where they discussed Aubrey, and a return to the interrogation room were both nice to see as well.

Mary Kate: I think my only criticism is Oliver. He was just bugging me this episode. There were some solid Booth and Brennan moments and Booth/Aubrey moments, but I am beginning to miss more and more the Angela and Brennan moments. I am liking the fact that they are bringing Christine into the show more, because now she actually is a character rather than just a child they mention occasionally.

Christine: Like Mary Kate mentioned earlier, I would have loved to have heard Brennan explain to Christine why she could no longer use the word jackass. I think I had the same look of anticipation and amusement on my face that Booth did while waiting to hear it.

Ashley: I'm with Mary Kate on the Angela/Brennan moments. They manage to be best friends despite being so different, and it would be nice to see more of that. It also seems we should see their families together more. How fun would it be for Brennan and Booth to have Angela and Hodgins over for dinner?

But I'm also really getting tired of the sort of over-the-top beginning scenes when a dead body is found. I know it's something of a running joke, and I think it would be fine occasionally, but a skull flying out from under a merry-go-round was just a bit much.

What was your favorite quote or scene?

Bridget: I loved the initial scene where Brennan and Booth argued over the “gateway swear words.” David Boreanaz plays “uptight Booth” to a tee and it’s always a pleasure to watch Booth get that way. I loved everything about that scene. A close second would have to be Brennan talking with Aubrey about how to deal with their shared past of fathers leaving. Brennan’s character has really grown, something we’ve seen evidence of many times this season, and this was just another shining example. Booth and Brennan are both taking Aubrey under their wing and I, for one, am happy to see that.

Mary Kate: I liked the scene where Brennan tells off Oliver because I felt like I was doing that myself and Brennan was just saying what I was thinking. When she left the bone room you could see how satisfied she was that she cussed and told him off. I also liked the scene with Brennan and Aubrey. It was nice that they had a moment together without Booth and really bond with each other.

Christine: I loved both the scenes with Christine, probably because I have a little one and can relate. I really enjoy watching Booth and Brennan work together as parents. Their methods may be different, but they have enough respect for one another to make it work.

Ashley: All of these! The scenes with Christine, Brennan telling off Aubrey, Aubrey and Brennan bonding -- all of these made the episode enjoyable. So I'll offer a favorite quote:

Brennan: Well, I believe the expression is "bring it on over," Dr. Wells.
Wells: No. The expression is "bring it on." There's no over. But, okay.

What about you, Bones Fanatics? What are your thoughts on Oliver Wells and James Aubrey? And what did you like most (or least) about this episode? Share your thoughts in the comments!

And if you need a little more time with Booth and Brennan, remember that you can always watch Bones online via TV Fanatic!

Ashley Bissette Sumerel was a staff writer for TV Fanatic. She retired in September 2017. Follow her on Twitter and on Google+.

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Bones Season 10 Episode 7 Quotes

Cam: Those all sound like names of super villains.
Hodgins: Nope. They are brand names for a structural insecticide.

Brennan: Well, I believe the expression is "bring it on over," Dr. Wells.
Wells: No. The expression is "bring it on." There's no over. But, okay.