Bones Season 10 Episode 6 Review: The Lost Love in the Foreign Land

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Wow. Bones Season 10 Episode 6 was really well done. It had a little bit of everything: humor, relationships, character growth, and tragedy.

From the beginning of the episode, it’s clear we are going to be exploring the relationship between Cam and Arastoo this week. Their relationship is one that I’m anxious to see be explored further, and it does just that. In the first scene, Arastoo is in a towel while Cam sits in bed checking emails. It’s a comfortable, normal morning for them, and Arastoo is happy that he has a dissertation topic ready to propose to Dr. Brennan.

But when Cam offers to put in a good word, Arastoo seems mildly insulted, saying he is “all grown up.” The fact of the matter is, there’s a power dynamic here that is bound to cause problems. At work, Cam is in charge, while Arastoo works as an intern. Naturally, keeping work and relationships separate is occasionally going to be a struggle.

And in other news, Arastoo’s mom has been emailing Cam baby pictures and recipes, including one that is apparently a wedding hint. But Cam says “if” when Arastoo brings up marriage. To me this did seem a little sudden, only because we haven’t seen Cam and Arastoo together much lately. As for Cam’s reaction, she suffered a serious loss with her past relationship, so I can understand why she might be hesitate a little. It’s a discussion they’ll need to have in-depth later on.

But for now, there’s a dead body to examine!

Cam, Hodgins, and Aubrey are already at the scene when Booth and Brennan arrive together to examine a gruesome dead body who’s clothes have mostly been eaten by goats. Yes, you heard me correctly. Goats. And then comes what is probably my favorite scene in the episode: Hodgins chasing a goat! It’s all very slapstick as Hodgins yells for help, running after a goat who is chomping down on the victim’s watch. Booth convinces Aubrey to help, so he takes off running after the goat too -- with big, comedic leaps. This is one of several moments that makes me like Aubrey more and more.

Hey, Aubrey! Bag any excrement you can find!


Back at the lab, Arastoo is anxiously waiting to hear Brennan’s thoughts on his dissertation topic, but she doesn’t want to distract him from the investigation. Cam and Angela finally convince her that he’s probably more distracted by the waiting.

Angela: Sweetie, I'm sure he's sweating bullets.
Brennan: That's impossible to do.

Brennan seems pleased with herself when she thinks she is helping by giving the bad news -- she does not approve his topic. This scene was great for a lot of reasons. First of all, it’s nice to be reminded that Brennan is a teacher and mentor at the Jeffersonian, and the squinterns are her students. But I also like this moment because it is so iconic of Brennan’s character to miss a social cue and offer devastating news with a smile.

Cam oversteps her bounds when she tries to convince Brennan that she should approve Arastoo’s topic. Of course it’s hard for Cam not to want to step in. After all, she is in a position of authority here. But seriously? This was out of line. Brennan isn’t having that, either, and asks Cam whether or not she thinks Arastoo is capable of talking to her himself. Point taken. At least Brennan makes Cam realize she is in the wrong.

Meanwhile, Booth and Aubrey continue to investigate the murder, and eventually come upon a group of women who are being hidden in the floor boards of Victor Lee’s house. Suddenly, this is more than just a murder investigation, it is a way to expose the horrors of human trafficking. The writers do an excellent job with it. The fact that the audience is left feeling compassion for the murderer this week speaks volumes.

The case affects every character in a different way. I really like the way Booth speaks with the women and tries to assure them they were safe and could trust him. His voice and his body language changes quickly to mirror what he is saying, and it is wonderful to watch.

But I think what I like the most was the way that Aubrey reacts -- it is nice to see him grow a bit this week. At the start, he is focusing on eating his lunch (dude loves to eat) and excited that the case could gain some good press for the bureau. But when he and Booth find the women, something changes inside him. So much so, that he feels the need to apologize to Booth -- in his own way of course.

One more thing. An apology, actually. I was sort of ass-like."


Like last week, Booth is back in the position of acting as a mentor, and I think that’s something we’ll see between him and Aubrey throughout the season. I do hope, though, that Aubrey can help Booth in some way too.

By the end of the episode, everyone is reflecting and focusing on what they hold most dear. Cam and Arastoo make up pretty quickly, and Arastoo announces that his new dissertation topic has been approved -- he will be connecting forensics to human rights issues.

Brennan tells Booth that Christine is in bed, but she’s requested Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes for breakfast in the morning (always the pancakes!). Booth and Brennan also use the time to focus on their own relationship. Booth says he doesn’t want to take any of it for granted. He wants to cherish what they have.

But Brennan’s point is both brutal and true. If that women hadn’t have been murdered, those women would still be slaves. It’s tough to swallow, but it’s true. I appreciate the writers offering such an important topic this week.

Brennan: I would thank a god if I believed in one.
Booth: Then I'll do it for you.

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The Lost Love in the Foreign Land Review

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Bones Season 10 Episode 6 Quotes

Hey, Aubrey! Bag any excrement you can find!


Angela: Sweetie, I'm sure he's sweating bullets.
Brennan: That's impossible to do.