Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 2 Episode 8 Review: USPIS

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We saw the team trying to accomplish things they weren't comfortable doing on Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 2 Episode 8

When a mysterious key is found on a suspect, Jake and Boyle are forced to work with an uppity USPIS agent to try and bring down a drug ring.

But when it proves to be more than difficult working with USPIS, will Jake and Boyle be able to bring in the bad guys even if it means compromise with someone they can't stand?

Will Gina, Terry and Capt. Holt be able to stop perfectionist Amy from smoking cigarettes? Let's find out!

At the start of the season, Rosa was assigned the lead detective position trying to crack down on the new, hottest street drug around – "gigglepig." When a suspect is arrested, a mysterious key with "USPS" or United States Postal Service engraved on it, Jake and Boyle are assigned to work with USPIS or the United States Postal Investigation Service. Jake is more than willing to take this on.

Jake: You got it. You're my friend and I won't let you down. I'm gonna push you up, just like a bra.
Rosa: What?
Jake: Nah, I meant brassiere, which is totally different!
Rosa: Come on man.
Jake: Not better... Here we go!
Boyle: Here we go!

Meanwhile, Amy is cracking under the pressure of trying to quit smoking cold turkey. She even uncharacteristically snaps at her beloved mentor, Capt. Holt.

Her mind finally snapped, like a stale breadstick.


Gina, Terry and Capt. Holt all decided to help Amy quit smoking. Was anybody else surprised that Amy was a smoker? It reminded me of the time we found out that Rose from Golden Girls was also a smoker and Dorothy compared it to finding out that Lassie is an alcoholic. It's not a picture that's easy to imagine so it was pretty surprising. 

At USPIS, Jake and Boyle are thrilled when they are paired with Agent Danger. Unfortunately, his last name is pronounced "Donger" and he's a tight ass played magnificently by Ed Helms of The Office fame. He's pulling rank every chance he gets and makes it clear that when it comes to law enforcement, the NYPD are not exactly highest on the food chain.

Terry decides to use extreme measure to get Amy to quit smoking which involve putting her head in a sink full of ice water. Capt. Holt thinks a jog is the best method while Gina thinks a guided meditation is the trick. All three have all overcome prior addictions to food, gambling and compulsive shopping and it's interesting to dig further into each of the characters' past. Plus, a flashback of a fro wearing Capt. Holt is always welcome.

Agent Danger continues to be problematic when he lets a suspect get away literally holding Jake's legs, preventing him from running. The highlight of the episode however was when Boyle tries to explain to Agent Danger what a fax machine is.

Imagine a letter had unprotected sex with a phone...


Eventually, Jake and Boyle find the man that got away by illegally printing a file containing names from a classified computer and Boyle licking some antique stamps.

The stamps were on me. I was curious about how old glue tasted. Answer, like a horse lollipop.


After getting a sound tongue lashing from Rosa and losing the case to the USPIS, Jake performs some serious damage control and eventually the entire task force including Agent Danger storm the secret meeting spot for the gigglepig drug dealers. Amy realizes that the reason she hasn't been able to quit smoking was because she had been putting too much pressure on herself to quit smoking.

All in all, not one of my favorite episodes but still a solid one. There was a lack of laughs this week but I'm sure the show can bounce back. The Christmas episode is upcoming and last year, it was one of the best episodes of the season. You can always catch up on this and previous episodes and watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine online

USPIS Review

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