Chicago Fire Round Table: Should Dawsey Fans Be Worried?

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On Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 8, Dawsey fans were left feeling a bit uncomfortable about the future, as Gabby shared a moment with Mills. Who's ready to dissect the meaning behind those sideways glances from Mills? Hang on because here we go!

In addition to possible Dawsey drama, we're reacting to learning more about Brittany's history and what it means for her marriage to Severide, and playing matchmaker for Brett. Finally, don't think we'd forget about CruZumba!

Join TV Fanatic staff writers Maggie Fremont, Stacy Glanzman and Bridget Liszewski and TV Fanatic super fan Sarah Silva to see what they have to say and then add your thoughts in the comments section.

Chicago Fire RT - depreciated -

We learned that Brittany, like Severide, lost someone close to her: her sister. Were you surprised at all by that news, and do you foresee issues in the future for the newlyweds?

Maggie: They implied pretty heavily last week that Brittany was grieving over someone close to her as well, so I wasn't too surprised. I'd definitely like to learn more though - seems pretty tragic. As for the state of the newlyweds, I'm sure there will be issues to work out, but I think Brittany will be around for awhile. I kind of like married Severide. Have I lost my mind?

Stacy: I suspected she had lost someone as well, so I was not surprised at all. Of course there will be more issues. They're newlyweds who barely know each other, conflict is bound to arise. The important part will be how well they deal with the issues as they come up.

Bridget: It was clear that something other than just physical attraction brought Severide and Brittany together. It’s not surprising to hear that she lost someone as well. And no Maggie, I don’t think you’ve lost your mind. I’m liking Severide and Brittany together as well.

Sarah: I knew that Brittany had lost someone. She said last week that Severide saved her, so I was pretty sure she lost a loved one. I also assume that Brittany caused the accident.

Dawson and Casey seemed to keep their personal feelings in check during the rescue mission this week. Do you think they are finding a way to live and survive in the professional setting without letting personal issues get in the way? Or will there still be problems?

Maggie: Of course there will be problems down the road - this is TV, after all!

Stacy: They seem to be just fine at keeping things professional at work so far. There will always be problems and drama but right now I'd guess they will be surfacing more at home.

Bridget: I think Dawson and Casey have done a pretty good job at keeping things professional. There’s always going to be slip ups and here and there though. There’s no way to not have those when you care deeply for someone.

Sarah: They are doing an okay job so far at keeping their personal lives separate from their professional ones, but it still seems at times that Dawson forgets that while at work he is her boss. For example, when she came out of the apartment building after giving her mask away, and Casey tells her to never do that again, instead of saying "Yes, Sir", she felt the need to tell him why. Also when he told her to go to triage, she said no and then she said she will. She needs to listen to what he has to say when they are on the job.

Speaking of Dawsey, it looked as if Mills may be showing interest in Dawson once again. Was he just having residual feelings from working the case together, or do you think they will further explore a “love triangle” between Dawsey and Mills?

Maggie: I was really intrigued by this during the episode - what was Mills up to with those knowing glances? I really liked them as a couple back in the day, but that being said, I hope they aren't going there with them again. Dawsey is just MEANT TO BE. Though, Mills definitely needs a little lovin' ASAP. How has that boy not been scooped up yet?!

Stacy: It's been awhile since Mills and Dawson broke up and she got with Casey, so it felt a little out of left field. Maybe all the romance around him is making him nostalgic? I hope they don't go the love triangle route. Mills should find happiness with someone else.

Bridget: Dawsey is endgame, make no mistake about that. However, I hate to say it, but I’ve been a little bored by them as of late. That’s why I was intrigued by Mills’ reactions this week. I do think we’ve already covered that ground before, but something definitely needs to shake up Dawsey’s world a bit.

Sarah: Everyone knows I am not team Dawsey, so if they explore the love triangle I will be just fine with that. I think she has more chemistry with Mills.

Some fans have an expressed an interest in Cruz and Brett starting a romance, but it seems like the writers may have her get closer to her partner, Mills. Was that offer to discuss “in house” relationships over beer just partner bonding time, or do you think Mills has more in mind when it comes to Brett?

Maggie: Good question! Brett has to get together with someone in the house, right? I'm not entirely convinced either one of them views the other in a romantic way, but it was nice to see their budding friendship. You know who I'm really shipping? Brett and ... OTIS. Anyone else?

Stacy: I wouldn't be opposed if they eventually go there with Mills and Brett, but I'd rather see them develop a close friendship, at least for now.

Bridget: As Maggie said earlier, I’m not sure how Mills hasn’t been scooped up yet! I don’t know how I feel about Brett with Otis, simply because I’ve not seen much interaction between the two. I do enjoy her partnership with Mills, and think if they did decide to take that to another level it would probably work out quite well.

Sarah: I like that Cruz and Brett bonded over Zumba. I think Mills asked her out for beers as a friend. If she were to get involved with a member of the firehouse, I think I would choose Newhouse or Otis.

CruZumba is the gift that keeps on giving. How great was that Zumba scene with the cast and who were your favorite dancers?

Maggie: This made me the happiest little clam in the sea. Not only was it just hilarious (and damn, Newhouse has some moves!), but it also reinforces how much of a family 51 is - yes, they tease, but they also seem very supportive of Instructor Cruz.

Stacy: I could not stop laughing during that entire scene.  I love that Cruz psychs himself up before he goes out there. Did he really say that class costs $60 though? That's insane! My zumba class was $5. Mills looked like he could hold his own out there.

Bridget: Seriously, how great was that scene? I didn’t think we’d get to see more CruZumba, let alone a scene with all of Firehouse 51 attending his class! Classic scene and maybe one of my favorites on the show. I had to laugh at how bad Casey and Mouch were, but Mills and Dawson could definitely work it!

Sarah: As soon as word spread like wildfire (see what I did there), that Cruz was teaching Zumba I knew that they would all show up for the class. Mills has moves and so does Dawson. It was funny seeing Mouch dance.

Other than CruZumba, what was your favorite moment of this week’s episode?

Maggie: I'm obsessed with the Casey-Severide bromance, so Casey handing Severide an orange to refuel after his morning sex sesh with his new wifey made me giggle. Matt + Kelly 4Eva!

Stacy: I was really impressed with the way Brett handled that driver. She was not taking any of his crap even when he pulled out a gun. I wonder if she'll be taking him up on his offer?

Bridget: Herrmann was excellent this week. Not only did he keep the woman trapped under the rotor calm with his trademark humor, but he was a great friend to Boden. In many ways he was this week’s unsung MVP!

Sarah: While I think that Brittany is a little crazy, I liked that Boden went over to her so that she could hear that Severide was okay. I liked the Herrmann and Boden scenes. Those two have a nice friendship. I also liked when Dawson told Mills it was like old times.

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NOTEChicago Fire Season 3 Episode 9 will air on Tuesday, November 25.

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Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Herrmann: I can tell you from experience Chief. All you can do, is you put your arm around her and you tell her everything’s going to be ok. That’s all we can do.
Boden: Herrmann, what if it’s not going to be ok?

Severide: Hey don’t even think about it. You’re in good hands. I’m on a total hot streak. I just won $1000 in Vegas two weeks ago.
Pilot: Blackjack or dice?
Severide: Rollin’ the bones baby!