Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 7 Review: Nobody Touches Anything

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Severide returned from his Vegas trip on Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 7, and he brought with him one heck of a surprise!

He didn't come home having won the jackpot, but he did have himself a far greater prize: a new wife! That's right, the mystery woman he was seen kissing at the craps table turned out to be his new wife, Brittany. This revelation, one everyone first took as a joke, is one that left every member of Station 51 scratching their head.

Boden: Looks like the trip was good for you.
Severide: Yea. Vegas was great. You know played a little craps, hit the pool, got some sun, and oh yea, I got married.

Severide has been in a bit of a downward spiral ever since Shay left, and I fear that's only going to get worse now that he's went off and eloped with someone he hardly knows. On the surface he may seem fine, but everyone is noticing the small changes in his behavior, such as all the high-fiving, and it can't be long before he runs into trouble.

While everyone may be worried about Severide, it didn't stop them from starting a pool on how long his marriage with last. Yet when all is said and done, they all care deeply about Severide and want what's best for him. It's just too bad he's not ready to accept any advice just yet, and Boden and Herrmann soon realized that the only person who could talk him down when he's like that was Shay. Now that she's gone, what are they going to do with him?

The closest people left in Severide's life are Casey and Dawson. It was interesting to see their different point of views on how to approach Severide's odd behavior. Dawson knew something was off, but Casey just wanted to leave it be and enjoy the fact that Kelly's happy again. This is something Dawson can't understand, but at the end of the day, Casey was just trying to be supportive of his new friend.

It was nice to see Dawson finally have enough and confront Severide about how he's been avoiding things ever since Shay died. I couldn't help but agree with Dawson. Severide is not happy; he may be good at pretending like he is, but it's perfectly clear he's not.

I found it very interesting to hear Dawson and Severide, the two people closest to Shay and hardest hit by her death, have this discussion. While I believe Severide is avoiding his feelings, particularly about Shay's death, he did have a good point when he questioned Dawson and Casey putting off their marriage.

Dawson: I think maybe that you're hiding, and I know that Shay wouldn't want that for you.
Severide: You think she'd want you putting your wedding on hold forever?
Dawson: No, that's completely different.
Severide: Look, some people, they get married when they know it's right, however quick it is. And some other people, they put it off. Maybe you're doing what's right for you and Matt. Just before you accuse anyone of hiding, check and sure you're not doing that yourself.

Dawson finally gave in and decided to accept the Brittany situation because if Severide was happy, then she would be as well. I couldn't help but feel as though Dawson was giving in a bit too easily in this moment. It was as if she decided that all because she didn't want to admit that what Severide said about her hiding may be right.

But Dawson's not the only one with secrets we should be worried about. There's clearly more than meets the eye to Brittany. The way she bristled at the mention of her family coming for a reception, and the way she was visibly upset near the end of the episode, it's clear she's hiding something. Whether or not Severide is fully aware of what that is remains to be seen.

Regardless, she won't be alone. There are plenty of secrets to go around that Firehouse. Some of the others:

  • Newhouse was still trying to hide his side business, but Mills wasn't having it. If only everyone was as tenacious as Mills is about solving conflict, there'd be a lot less drama going around. While Newhouse's intentions were honorable, it was nice to see the squad pool money together for his daughter's class trip.
  • In a hilarious twist of events, Cruz turned out to be one of the highest rated Zumba instructors on Yelp, something he wanted kept under wraps. This is something Brett will keep quiet if she can stay in the class and give him cooking instructions. I can't imagine the amount of ridicule Cruz would face should that bit of news ever make it out to the public.
  • Chicago Fire ended with the kick-off of a case for the two-night, three-show crossover event amongst NBC dramas that will continue on Law & Order:SVU and Chicago P.D. The moment that called for the introduction of Sergeant Hank Voight and Detective Erin Lindsay felt very separate from the rest of the episode, but it did serve its purpose of kicking off a case that will stretch from New York City to Chicago.

Do you trust Brittany? What about Dawson and Casey? Are they hiding or is work really the only thing holding them back?

Sound off in the comments below, and if you wish to relive any of the exciting moments from Chicago Fire Season 3 you can watch Chicago Fire online any time via TV Fanatic.

Nobody Touches Anything Review

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Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Boden: Looks like the trip was good for you.
Severide: Yea. Vegas was great. You know played a little craps, hit the pool, got some sun, and oh yea, I got married.

Cruz: Dominican sausage and peppers!
Dawson: Dude. If you keep calling your food "Dominican" I'm going to have to kick your ass on behalf of an entire country.