Cristela Season 1 Episode 5 Review: Super Fan

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While Cristela has come out of the gate strong, there was one part of the show that wasn't clicking as much as everything else. And that was the work scenes.

They haven't gelled as much as the family scenes and for that reason they haven't been nearly as enjoyable. But that all changed tonight on Cristela Season 1 Episode 5, as the Culpepper and Associates scenes were extremely entertaining. 

It's no secret that I think Josh is wonderful. He is endearing and funny and him and Cristela have a great rapport. He's never been the problem with the work scenes.

The problem has been Trent and Maddie. They haven't been given much emotional depth. But the Halloween episode (which was unfortunately not reviewed last week) really helped to flesh them out more. 

They became more than just background players, who popped in with a funny quip every now and then. Trent especially started to feel like a real person and not a caricature. It was truly nice to see him and Cristela make a connection. 

That connection carried over to this week, as the two bonded over their love of sports. 

I must say, as a lifelong eastern Pennsylvania resident and diehard Eagles fan, the constant Cowboys love was making me a little nauseous. But with the Cowboys actually doing rather well this year, I couldn't really hate on it as much as I wanted to. 

Trent had the Cowboys joke that made me laugh the loudest. 

Well, win or lose, Cowboys always give you a reason to drink. That's why I love them.


Any sports fan could probably insert their favorite team into that sentence and it be just as appropriate. 

Cristela and Trent's sports bond left Josh feeling a little left out. And when Trent let the team know that there might be a junior associate position opening up after their internship, Josh knew he needed to get on Trent's good side. 

Unfortunately, that didn't happen for him. 

Trent's friend and client, the shark, showed up and Josh made a horrible first impression. See, the shark was none other than Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and Josh had no idea who he was. 

That was great casting by the Cristela team. Is there anything more Dallas than Mark Cuban? Well, I'm sure there is, but you know what I mean. 

Anyway, Josh mistook Mr. Cuban for the refrigerator repairman, while Cristela immediately won him over with her extensive sports knowledge. 

Hey Josh, the printer's jammed. You think you could get Mark Cuban to fix it?


Cristela poked fun at him for a while, but when she saw how dejected he was about feeling left out, she decided to help him. 

Josh put in a blue tooth and went to talk to Mr. Cuban, while Cristela fed him information over the phone. It was a great scene watching the awkwardness that was Josh as he tried to talk about things he clearly knew nothing about. 

When the phone cut out, it looked like it was all over for Josh but Cristela saved the day. And they even scored front row Mavericks tickets. 

And then we got another priceless Jostela moment in an episode filled with amazing Jostela moments. If you don't think these two are made for each other after this week's episode, then you should re-watch it. Just look at the way he smiles at her and tell me it doesn't melt your heart!

At home, it was Izzie's birthday and Cristela loaned Daniela some money to get her something nice. But instead of a tablet, Izzie wanted an expensive bag that all the other girls at school had. 

Cristela was adamant in not wanting Izzie to go down the path of trying to be like everyone else. Especially, since they don't have the means to keep up with all the hottest trends. 

As Cristela so eloquently put it...

You can't have a Kardashian lifestyle on a honey boo boo budget.

Cristela [to Izzie]

Cristela just wanted Izzie to concentrate on being a good person and not worry about having all the nicest things. That's not what life is about. 

Izzie heard the message and even gave the purse up to her aunt, a selfless person who doesn't ask for much. It was a nice conclusion to a cute side plot. 

Alright ladies and gentleman, what did we think about this week's episode? Do we like the progress of Trent and Maddie? Wasn't Mark Cuban pretty good in his limited role? Did you miss Alberto? How cute is Jostela?

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Cristela Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Oh, I know who he is. But I can't tell you. It's a secret. Like when I eat pizza and drink diet coke because I think they cancel each other out.


Well, win or lose, Cowboys always give you a reason to drink. That's why I love them.