Days of Our Lives Recap: Fetus Stealing?!?

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It was another crazy week in Salem as a surprise pregnancy ended up in a fetus stealing scheme that could rock the Brady/Kiriakis families for years to come. 

Theresa confided in Anne that she's pregnant with Brady's baby. Why does everyone in Salem consider the park a private place for a conversation when there's always someone lurking in the bushes? EJ was just murdered there for goodness sake. You'd think the people would be avoiding a walk in the park for a while. 

Lurking behind those very bushes was Kristen who took a hissy fit once she heard the news. Once she pulled it together she devised a scheme worthy of a DiMera. She had Theresa snatched, from the park no less, and brought her to some clandestine medical facility to steal her fetus and have it implanted in Kristen.

Years back, Vivian stole Kate and Victor's embryo from a petri dish and had it implanted in her. That was weird enough but stealing a fetus from someone's body, that is truly twisted, even by soap logic. So as Kristen leaves Salem we are left wondering when she'll return with a little Kirikakis in tow…and will Theresa remember any of this or just think she miscarried?

Speaking of DiMeras, Chad was coming into his own as he continued to manipulate Ben. As despicable as I'd find Chad's behavior in real life, it's great fun in the soap world and Ben's lack of self control makes him such an easy target I'm actually rooting for Chad. If he ends up playing Abigail in the process all the better. 

Every week it seems that Abigail needs to have a silly or self righteous moment and this time is was her warning Eve that she was going to tell her mommy everything Eve had done to JJ as soon as she got home. It made her sound like a 10-year-old. 

JJ had bigger issues than what Jack did to Kayla all those years ago. That's something he and Paige could have talked about and gotten through. On a side note, has anyone noticed that Paige has a bad habit of "accidentally" listening in on other people's conversations?

Back to JJ. Sleeping with your girlfriend's mother is a point of no return. There's no coming back from that and we all know it's only a matter of time before the truth comes out. The wild card here is what story Eve will come up with to salvage her relationship with her daughter. 

But my favorite conversation of the week was between Rory and Paige when he told her in this Days of Our Lives quote

Being book smart doesn't mean that you're not life stupid and you're majorly life stupid.


So very true. The more screen time Paige gets, the less I like her but I get the feeling she and JJ are in for some serious pain before this relationship is over. 

The only other moment worth mentioning was Nicole being a good friend to Daniel as he alternated between moping about losing Jennifer (and please let that relationship really be over) and kicking himself for almost sleeping with Kristen. 

Most of Salem treats Nicole like she's the town pariah but Nicole continually forgives the people she cares about, even after they've treated her abominably. Not many of the town saints can say the same.

Your turn TV Fanatics. What was your favorite line on this week's Days of Our Lives?

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