Days of Our Lives Recap: Look Who's Back?

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Nicole and Daniel played ball, Sonny got some unsolicited advice and Jennifer returned on this week's Days of Our Lives.

But Jennifer wasn't the only one back in Salem. Melanie Jonas turned up on Maggie's doorstep. We have no doubt Maggie's thrilled to have her granddaughter back but why did Melanie look as though she were close to tears? 

Melanie wasn't the only one to return to Salem. Jennifer was back as well. It may have only been a couple of weeks since we've seen Jennifer Rose but it didn't take her long to get back in the swing of things. Her very first scene was spent sniping at Eve. I couldn't help but think she sounded more like an angry child than a grown woman when she told Eve, "You will be sorry you were ever born!" 

JJ still hadn't pulled the plug on his relationship with Paige but it appears that Maggie's well intentioned meddling will end up helping Paige but the pieces together. Once she knows Daniel borrowed JJ's jacket, it won't take long to figure out her mother slept with her boyfriend. I'm kind of looking forward to seeing the expression on her face when that happens. 

Eve spent some bonding time with her sister and it was hard to tell if she truly sympathized with Theresa or was looking for her own angle to play. Probably a little bit of both. 

Clyde stopped in for a session with Dr. Evans which was just weird. It's obvious that this has more to do with manipulating Jordan than anything to do with actually seeking help. The more we see of Clyde, the more of a sociopath he appears to be. 

Eric's finally getting his own apartment and I hope that means we can look forward to scenes that don't include he and Nicole making one another miserable. 

Speaking of Nicole, she and Daniel were playing ball. Football, dodgeball and as often as Daniel got knocked out I had to wonder if yoga would have been the better choice. 

I'm completely torn over Daniel and Nicole. I don't really want to see them as a couple. I think they make much better friends but at the same time they were having more fun than Jennifer and Daniel have had in months so maybe I should give them a chance. Besides, Nicole is pretty good at keeping Daniel in line while still keeping things light as in this Days of Our Lives quote

You actually think I meant to throw that ball to hit that stupid tree to ricochet off your big head which contains your even bigger ego?


I have to admit the the evil side of me kept hoping Jennifer would walk by and see these two sprawled out on one another in the park. 

At Club TBD Sonny was getting unsolicited advice from everyone about Will. First Adrienne was snarky with both Lucas and Sonny about Will being in LA. I loved that Lucas didn't let her get away with it and that Sonny was quick to point out her own marriage apparently has its flaws. Speaking of which, I do wish Justin would come back but I hear that actor Wally Kurth is over on General Hospital so I won't get my hopes up for his return any time soon.

The funny thing is, Adrienne did have a point about Will but coming from her it just sounds like nagging. It's somehow easier to take when Victor points out that Sonny and Will's marriage may be in trouble if Will can't even find the time to return a text or a phone call to his husband. 

But Victor had other issues for Sonny to ponder, like his relationship with business partner Chad for one…

No matter how he tries to spin it, don't ever forget that his name is DiMera and yours is Kiriakis and that never goes away.


I'd like to think these two can get past that but the odds are that Victor is right. 

Chad and Jordan were actually kind of cute together. I was bored to tears when Jordan was with Rafe and I cringe whenever she has scenes with Clyde but somehow now that she's paired with Chad, she's growing on me. 

Aidan and Hope hit a small bump in the road when she spotted a search about her finances on his tablet. All just a big misunderstanding but when Aidan told Chase not to mention that his mother was rich, it made me wonder if that's why Aidan married her. Honestly though, I just don't care. Aidan and Hope are simply adorable and I can't get enough of them. 

Finally we get to one of my favorite lines of the week as Anne found out that Abigail got her job back…

Everybody here knows you have the morals of an alley cat and that your favorite scratching posts are DiMera men.


Zing! Now it's your turn TV Fanatics. Pick your favorite line from this week's Days of Our Lives.

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Shawn-Douglas Brady: You know what? For the first time in my life, I'm glad that my dad is biologically a Kiriakis.
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