Days of Our Lives Round Table: Melanie Jonas Returns

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Nicole and Daniel got playful, there was friction between the DiMera and the Kiriakis clans and Melanie and Jennifer both returned to Salem

Our TV Fanatics Nick McHatton and Christine Orlando are joined by Kathy and Vanessa from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives Fan Forum to discuss which return they're happier about, if Daniel and Nicole should do more than play ball and who is the biggest meddler on Days of Our Lives.

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Is Victor correct, will being a DiMera and a Kiriakis be an issue for Chad and Sonny?

Nick: In the past it would’ve been, but the DiMera Kiriakis rivalry hasn’t been played out on screen for years. Maybe now that it's been mentioned it’ll begin to happen again.

Kathy:  Right now I think Sonny is worried that Chad will not have the time to concentrate on their new business. There may be some DiMera Enterprise issues that will impact the business Sonny is trying to build and bring about another generation of DiMera/Kiriakis feuds.

Vanessa:  I think that to an extent he's right to be worried, money and power can go to anyone's head.

Christine:  Right now I think Chad and Sonny are on different levels. Sonny is opening clubs while Chad is about to be co-CEO. But I think moving forward it's up to them if the feud continues or they continue to work together. 

After a week of watching them play ball, how do you feel about Nicole and Daniel?

Nick: Better as friends, I’d much rather Nicole head over into Brady’s orbit or Eric’s, but if being with Dr. Daniel Freaking Jonas makes a few of my favorite men come back around to Nicole, who am I to stand in the way?

Kathy:  I prefer Nicole and Daniel as friends. They are fun together and they both need friends at this point.

Vanessa:  I just want Nicole to be happy. If Daniel treats her right then I'll be all for it.

Christine:  I think they make great friends but there was definite chemistry there. Is it bad to say I like the pairing even more knowing how it will get under Jennifer's skin?

Which return are you happier about, Jennifer's or Melanie's?

Nick: Neither, I wish they were both still in lands far, far away.

Kathy:  I am definitely happier about Melanie's return. Hopefully, she will add a new spark to the canvas.

Vanessa:  Melanie's because I really liked her character when she left, Jennifer rubs me the wrong way.

Christine:  I enjoyed Melanie but I just hope they don't try to inject her into every story the way they do her father. As for Jennifer, I was really hoping she'd stay away from Salem for a good, long time. 

Do you want Paige to figure out that JJ and Eve slept together?

Nick: Yes! Give Paige something to do other than be boring. I want to see if she’s more like her mother than we’ve been led to believe so far.

Kathy:  I am sure that Paige will figure out what happened. There have been so many opportunities set up for her to find out. At this point, I don't care if she finds out or not.

Vanessa:  Yes and no. Yes mostly because I like drama and that would cause a little drama and no because its too soon after Abby and EJ, I don't really like Paige but I feel sorry for her.

Christine:  I agree with Nick. Yes! Paige is so boring that I can't wait for the news to shake things up. It would be wonderful if she ended up with a little more of her mother in her. Paige needs to become more interesting or head on off to Stanford soon.

Name the biggest meddler in Salem, Maggie, Adrienne, Jennifer, Victor or someone else?

Nick:  Jennifer, just due to the fact that she’s forever on the show. If Adrienne had more screen time she would be the absolute Queen of Meddling in Salem.

Kathy:  They all come from a place of love but Victor is the biggest (and most dangerous) meddler. He called Shane to tattle about Teresa to protect his 30 something grandson. He also expressed doubts about Sonny and Will's marriage and questioned Sonny's business sense. He could set into motion plans that could destroy.

Vanessa:  Adrienne, she's always in Sonny and Will's business, let them live their lives. 

Christine:  Adrienne is the most annoying for the brief amount of time she has on screen. I don't think she has a nice word to say about everyone. Jennifer comes in a close second. I don't think there's a situation in which she doesn't feel the need to pass judgement.  

Which character disappointed you the most?

Nick: No No surprise here, Jennifer. If she’s going to meddle and be a generally annoying person, then I really wish she would have bit more venom in her than the oh so scary “you’ll be sorry.” Serious eye roll moment.

Kathy:  Teresa disappointed me the most with her shameless flirting with Paul and ranting at Brady.

Vanessa:  I think Paige, she's a tad bland and I can't deal with her.

Christine:  Jennifer when she her big threat to Eve was something like, you'll wish you were never born! I've heard 12-year-old girls sound more intimidating. 

What was your favorite scene/story of the week?

Nick: More Hope and Aidan please! They are just fantastic together and I’m hopelessly addicted to their relationship. I haven’t been enjoying a couple this much since Will and Sonny already started hinted at something more.

Kathy:  My favorite storyline is the Aiden/Hope romance.

Vanessa:  Stefano and Chad's scene was perfect. It started off awkward because Stefano was like I know you're working with Kate and then pretty much told Chad he had more cojones then EJ.

Christine:  Definitely Hope and Aidan. They are so darn cute together and it's great to see Hope so happy. I also enjoy that they tend to confront one another with issues and deal with them honestly. You don't see that very often in Salem. 

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