Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 5 Review: Chapter Five

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Heartbreak, betrayal, lies, Mayan ruins, Disgusting Tom, and MURDER! 

Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 5 found our little Jane in the middle of some major revelations.

Three of Jane's relationships were really put to the test this week. First, Jane and Xiomara. Jane is understandably still reeling from the discovery that Rogelio is her father and Xiomara kept it a secret from her. 

A mistake? A mistake is losing your keys. You kept my father from me.


How upsetting is it to see this relationship falling apart? From the beginning, the anchor of this show has been Jane's relationship with her mother. We've seen how much they rely on one another, how deeply they care for one another, how they basically grew up together, so it is all the more heartbreaking to watch this relationship show some cracks.

Was there a dry eye anywhere during this exchange? 

Xiomara: I'm sorry Jane.
Jane: Yeah, you keep saying that. But it's hard to get to the 'it's OK' part because it's not OK. What you did to me? What you took away from me? It's not OK. And I just don't understand how you could've done it.
Xiomara: Because you're not a mother yet. You know, when you were little, we'd go to the park and there'd be all these moms there talking about their kids and how great they were. And I remember thinking they were crazy because it was so obvious that I got the best one. I loved you so much and I just got scared.

I loved how even though Jane tried her hardest to get through a day on her own, there were so many moments when the only person who she wanted, deep down in her soul, was her mother. Guys, moms are just the best. When Jane sought comfort in Xo at the end, be honest, didn't you want a calming cuddle too?

Side bar: that porch swing sure has seen a lot of tears and hugging and mother-daughter bonding. So I guess now I'm jealous of a porch swing. Wouldn't be the first time. 

I'm just glad that Jane and Xiomara seem to be working things out. This was no thanks to the second relationship in Jane's life that was in flux tonight: Jane's relationship with Rogelio.

I'll admit, I've been on the fence about Rogelio since he entered the picture; he was just too cartoonish for my taste. But tonight, he finally felt a little more human. Rogelio admitting that he was scared and nervous and actually apologizing to Jane, finally allowed some insight into the character. I think he'll make good on his promise to get to know Jane now that, you know, he actually knows about Jane. 

His interaction with Xiomara also added some layers to his character. I'm a huge Xo fan and Rogelio just wasn't cutting it for me, but I'm starting to see some sparks between them. 

He just needs to cool it with the follow spots and dinners set in the Mayan ruins. But, Rogelio, never stop photo-shopping creepy pictures of you and Jane. NEVER.

I can barely bring myself to talk about the third relationship that got put through the ringer this week, as I am still wiping away uncontrollable tears, but in a crazy turn of events, Jane and Michael are now on the outs - maybe? I am just so sad about it. 

Jane and Michael seemed stronger than ever since he finally got over his fear of raising Rafael's baby and joined Team Jane. He was so wonderful and understanding as Jane grappled with the Rogelio situation. But, as all the characters on Jane the Virgin learn eventually, secrets can't stay secrets forever.

Michael: I didn't tell you about the affair because when I found out you were pregnant, I freaked out. I didn't want the baby, but I changed my mind, you know this, I changed my mind.
Jane: You would have let me give that baby to a couple who may have been totally wrong.
Michael: I made a mistake.
Jane: A mistake?
Michael: Yes, a mistake. Jane - wait-
Jane: I have to go.
Michael: Please
Jane: Let go of me.
Michael: I'm sorry. Look. I screwed up. I was scared, I was stupid. Everything I did, I did because I love you. Jane, don't, don't leave!

Oof. Can we all just take a moment for a slow clap in honor of Brett Dier? He's such an MVP on this show. I did a spit take during dinner with Rogelio as Michael tried to diffuse some tense moments ("Pad Thai? Well, hello!"). I cheered him on during Michael's hilarious and terse conversations with Rafael (don't worry, Raf, I'll love you AAF). And then I cried my tiny eyes out as Michael realized his biggest fear was coming to fruition and it was his own doing: he was losing Jane. 

Poor Jane, betrayal at every turn! 

Oh, I almost forgot:

  • Petra's mother is a horrible, horrible human being.
  • I look forward to Rafael and Michael's interactions every week. Those two (again, Brett Dier, you WONDER) are so good at hating each other. 
  • I've never been so thankful for a woman to use her sex appeal to woo a man as I was when Petra sauntered in and allowed us all to experience the joy that is Rafael's abdomen. AMERICA THANKS YOU. 
  • Lina and Billy are a thing! I cherish my little Lina, so I hope this doesn't spell trouble for her down the road. Although, who am I kidding? This is Jane the Virgin we're talking about. Everyone gets in at least a little trouble. 
  • Disgusting Tom, we hardly knew ye! 
  • Jane thought Jimmy Smits might be her dad? Be still my heart. Wouldn't it be great if he popped up in an episode? 

Well, Virgin-ites, what did you think of "Chapter Five"? Now that Rafael is a single man and Jane's relationship is on the rocks, do you think he'll make a move? Who is Sin Rostro - any bets he's someone we already know? Also, where the heck is Lu?

If you missed any of the action, be sure to watch Jane the Virgin online and catch up before next week! 

And take a look below at footage from Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 6:

Chapter Five Review

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Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

A mistake? A mistake is losing your keys. You kept my father from me.


Michael: Let's have him over for dinner, something casual, low key.
Jane: That sounds perfect.
Michael: No. Perfect is tacos, beer, ESPN, and you wearing nothing but my Ronaldo jersey.
Jane: Yeah, I think that'll be a little weird for my dad.