Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 7 Review: Chapter Seven

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Jane and Rafael sittin' by a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. Until mom interrupts, that is. 

On Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 7, Jane was very conflicted by moving on with Rafael. Sure, she tried to stay away, but in the end, Rafael won her heart. 

After Xiomara broke things off with Rogelio, she tried to get back to normal, which seemed impossible. It was very noble move for Xo to put Jane and Rogelio ahead of her and Rogelio, but, obviously, if she's that miserable it probably isn't for the best. Though the soccer player seemed quite nice.

It came to an entertaining blow when the Xo and Rogelio saw each other at the hotel and pretended they were fine. Pretty sure if Xo smiled any more it would never leave her face. Luckily, it led to the awkward double date with Rogelio trying to be like the "normal people," since he was jealous of the soccer player.

Please, take it away. I'll be happy to drink normal people wine.


Rogelio never fails to be the comic relief. His self-absorption and complete disregard for what is happening around him makes his character so necessary and hilarious to the comedy aspect of the show.

Even when you can tell he is trying so hard to be sincere, it usually doesn't come off that way. I wouldn't even call his attempt at the tough-dad speech very successful, considering he eventually made it about himself. 

On the other hand, there is Petra. Her story is getting more and more intriguing. What's the deal with her controlling mother? Why does she owe Ivan money? The most interesting part of her story was when she had actually poisoned and saved Ivan on purpose to gain his trust. I actually didn't see that one coming. 

Also, what is this information she had on Rafael, and how bad was it that he was fired and sent to Mexico City? See, I am curious. 

Jane's situation at her school isn't getting any better, either. With the school trying to use the pregnant virgin story to their advantage, Jane is like a puppet. I'd be concerned too if random couples were showing up to hug me. The coins were priceless though.

Jane: Do you, by any chance, know my father?
Nora: Of course. [looks up to God] Everyone knows him

However, Jane did find a way and used it as a bargaining tool, to avoid getting fired (again). I guess, she'll be hugging a lot more couples. 

Now Michael and Rafael. Although I love Jane and Rafael, I felt so bad for Michael every time he came across more details to Jane and Rafael's budding relationship. He just had the saddest face imaginable, making me rethink Rafael – for a tenth of a second. Of course, that all changed when he and his partner threw themselves at each other.

It seemed an inevitable plan for them to get together, but I thought at least Michael wallow more in the breakup.

It was odd, though, when Rafael tried to use Michael's attitude towards him as an excuse to move things forward. It reminded me of a little kid who told the teacher he hit the another student, because that kid hit him first. That's not a good excuse to move things forward with Jane, Rafael. But, I quickly moved on from that thought. 

Jane and Rafael continued to compete (and win) as the most adorable pairing as they got to know each other. The "Most Romantic Night Ever" certainly lived up to the name, even from the outside. 

Jane and Rafael got closer, both physically and emotionally, with each conversation topic. Even in relationship limbo, they were able to discuss baby names. You almost forgot how weird their relationship (and baby, for that matter) started out. 

Are Jane and Rafael meant to be? Now that Michael slept with his partner, is there any hope for Michael and Jane? Any theories on why Petra owes the money?

If you have missed out on what has been happening with Jane Villanueva, make sure you watch Jane the Virgin online via TV Fanatic to catch up.

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Chapter Seven Review

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Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Jane: Do you, by any chance, know my father?
Nora: Of course. [looks up to God] Everyone knows him

Please, take it away. I'll be happy to drink normal people wine.