Once Upon a Time Photos: Sister Under Attack!

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Ready for a double dose of Once Upon a Time?

ABC will deliver TWO HOURS worth of fun on Sunday night, as the Snow Queen does her best to tear apart Frozen sisters Elsa and Anna. Anna is already locked up behind bars. Will Aunt Ingrid be able to instill enough fear into Elsa about being doomed to life inside of an urn that she'll leave Anna in jail?

Elsewhere, Emma is on the run as her out of control powers leave her helpless to protect those she loves. When she turns to Mr. Gold for help, will he actually do more harm than good?

And Regina's search for the author of the story book takes an unexpected turn. 

Check out these photos from Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 8, "Smash the Mirror, Part 1" which is scheduled to air on Sunday, November 16 on ABC.

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