Once Upon a Time Round Table: Sister vs. Sister

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It was sister against sister on Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 7, as Ingrid accidentally killed her sister, causing the other one to a fate locked in a urn. 

Below, TV Fanatics Mary Kate Venedam, Stacy Glanzman, Amanda Steinmetz and Paul Dailly are joined by Gareth from Once Upon a Fan to debate Ingrid's downfall, who Emma should turn to for help and which couple has been their favorite after "The Snow Queen..."

Once Upon a Time RT - depreciated -

Do you think Ingrid brought about her own downfall when she gave away her sisters' ribbons in the deal with Rumpelstiltskin or was it all just a horrible accident gone wrong?

Gareth: I’m unsure, perhaps a bit of both. I think the ribbons were her anchor, a constant reminder of the love between the three of them. Once they were gone, perhaps doubt creeped in, leaving herself vulnerable. 

Mary Kate: No, because that entire moment could have happened whether or not she made the deal. Once Weselton showed up she was trying to get to the gloves so she could protect herself, but she didn't get there in time. Weaselton was just was everyone said, a Weasel. He manipulated her and made her overly emotional to use her powers against him and, unfortunately, Helga. 

Stacy: I think it was a horrible accident. Sometimes freak accidents just happen and can't be controlled. I don't think the deal necessarily facilitated it, but any time someone makes a deal with Rumpelstiltskin there are consequences. 

Amanda: Well there's always a price to pay when making a deal with Rumpelstiltskin. However, I don't think the deal had anything to do with it. There was no way killing her sister in this manner could be predetermined. Weaselton clearly pulled Helga in front of him to shield himself from Ingrid's powers. 

Paul: I think it was a horrible accident gone wrong. You could see the emotion on her face. For the first time in this role, I felt like she did it a lot of justice.

Is there any truth in what the Snow Queen said? Do Emma's parents  view her more as the savior than as their daughter?

Gareth: I have no doubt that Charming and Snow love her as a daughter, but they have missed so much of her life. Having a new baby around was always going to bring some complicated emotions to the forefront for both Emma and Snow. Having said that, Snow really frustrated me in this episode. Having her pull away from Emma just seemed really out of step with her behavior in the past. 

Mary Kate: I don't think there's anyway they think that. They obviously view her differently than most parents would because they're the same age. Seeing as how hard Snow has tried to parent Emma, I think the Savior is an asterick to being their daughter. Which was my issue with Snow this episode. She has tried to protect and care for Emma so much, it seems impossible that she would actually not trust her to be around her son and think she would intentionally hurt David. Why, Snow, Why?? 

Stacy: Until this episode there has been nothing to suggest that Snow and Charming view Emma more as a savior, so, no I don't think there's any truth to it. Ever since the curse was broken they've seen her as their daughter and have loved and protected her. I'd even argue they see her more as their daughter than Emma sees them as her parents.

Amanda: I don't think they view her as the savior, but I also think they don't know how to properly view her as their daughter either. Yes they love her, but it's like Emma told Snow at the mommy and me class; they missed out on all the parenting stuff with her. They are experiencing parenthood for the first time. I was more disappointing with Snow's judgmental looks toward Emma. She should know better than to think Emma would intentionally hurt anyone. 

Paul: Yes and no. The way Mary Margaret acted upon seeing what was happening with the babies bottle made me think she was worried and didn't view her as someone she trusts. It didn't strike me as a way a parent would treat a child.

Any clue on what the missing piece of the puzzle is for Rumpel to ditch the dagger and what about it made him so giddy?

Gareth: I think the Snow Queen asked him to kill the thing he hated most! Killing Hook would certainly give him pleasure. It would also serve the Snow Queen’s agenda of separating Emma from the people who care about her. 

Mary Kate: It could have something to do with an enemy. Like, if he needed something of Hook's, like Regina needed the heart of her father. I'm sure he would be glad to take something from Hook. It was too evil a look to be something reasonable and not cause more trouble than he already has.

Stacy: Whatever it is, I think it's safe to say its nothing good, but I don't really have a guess on the specifics. 

Amanda: No idea. Next question! 

Paul: I think it has something to do with Hook or Regina. I've not got much else to say as the whole scene was so vague.

Who is your favorite couple on the show so far this season?

Gareth: I don’t really have a favorite couple. I’m not much of a shipper. 

Mary Kate: This is actually tough. I would usually say Snow and Charming, but we haven't seen them together much this season. I am loving Anna and Kristoff. They are so cute together, I wish they had more scenes together. They bring the Frozen relationship we saw in the film to life in a very realistic way. 

Stacy: I think I am going to go with Anna and Kristoff. They're adorable and happy (at least in the past before Anna goes missing). I hope we get to see more of them. Plus I'm just loving Kristoff more than I expected. 

Amanda: I feel like we haven't gotten a lot of quality scenes with our power couples (Charming and Snow, Belle and Gold, Emma and Hook), and I don't consider Robin and Regina a couple yet, so I'll go with Kristoff and Anna. They're just so gosh darn cute together. 

Paul: Emma and Hook. They have so much chemistry. I love the way they speak to each other.

Who should Emma turn to for help with her uncontrollable powers?

Gareth: I think she needs help from Regina. Regina could help get her to focus and would be able to match her powers. I have a feeling Rumple will intervene but Emma needs to be careful since he has his own agenda. Emma may find herself getting sucked into that hat! 

Mary Kate: Elsa. I don't think there's any other choice. Obviously, Emma will not be comfortable with the usual people, Snow, Charming, Hook, Henry, Regina's a little preoccupied. Elsa has gone through the exact same thing as Emma is, so I hope Elsa can get through to her. I also just like that friendship and don't want Elsa to go. 

Stacy: I agree with Mary Kate on this one. Elsa is the obvious choice as she's the only one who really knows what she's going through. Regina has magic too and would be a possibility, but she's got a lot on her plate right now and is still holding a grudge against Emma. Emma and Elsa can help each other. 

Amanda: Elsa for sure! Emma can't trust Ingrid, but Elsa is in the same boat as Emma. They both have trouble controlling their powers when they get emotional. They should lean on each other for help.

Paul: Regina. Regina has let power rule her life in the past. She would probably be the best person to speak to.

What was your favorite scene from the episode?

Gareth: I thought Elizabeth Mitchell was really great in this episode. Her heartbreak at killing her sister was so sad, then to have her other sister turn on her as well, it was really tragic. I liked how the Snow Queen’s  backstory played out. I also enjoyed Emma ’ s scenes  with the Snow Queen. 

Mary Kate: I wish we got more of an update from the Mommy and Me class because that was just adorable. I also liked the scene outside the Sheriff's Station when Emma notices the problem with her magic. It had its sad moments, but I just love scenes when a majority of the cast is there.

Stacy: I think the flashback of Ingrid killing her sister. I like seeing the origin story of our current villain and seeing her vulnerable. Hopefully our heroes can use that vulnerability to eventually stop her.

Amanda: Definitely going with the scene where Ingrid killed Helga. Elizabeth Mitchell acted the hell out of that scene. She's definitely one of the more compelling villains to watch on this show. It was great to get some insight into how she's ended up the way she has. 

Paul: Ingrid killing her sister. It was heartbreaking to watch. The scene was completely different from what I expected after the mean from weaseltown (lol) implied Ingrid kissed him. I expected him to die.

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