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Belle looked back at her past on Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 6 to when she visited Arendelle and met Anna. Too bad she was so guilty about her actions that she couldn't even share the visit with Elsa. 

But as the entire town searched for the Snow Queen, Elsa learned that her mother had two sisters, Ingrid was the oldest and is now known as The Snow Queen and Helga. Both girls disappeared and all memory or mention of them was erased from Arendelle but their pictures show up in a book in Storybrooke.

Belle found the Snow Queen's lair and fell prey to her magic mirror which made her believe the dark side in everyone, including herself. Rumple shared that the Snow Queen plans to cast a spell with the mirror which would turn all of Storybrooke against one another...except for Elsa and Emma. 

An ancient scroll claims that Emma, the savior will turn out to be the Snow Queen's new sister. Will Elsa and Emma be able to avoid their new family?

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You know I'll support you no matter what, unless I think it's really dumb, then I'll tell you.


Are you missing the part where she's with the Snow Queen?