Revenge Season 4 Episode 6 Review: Damage Control

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One of the major plot points from Revenge Season 4 Episode 6 was revealed in last week's teaser making this not my favorite episode of the season thus far. 

But it wasn't a bad episode, really. It just...wasn't the best. 

The preview for tonight's episode showed David Clarke punching Nolan Ross in the face. Many fans took that to mean Nolan was the one whom David promised to get revenge on in the closing monologue from Revenge Season 4 Episode 5

I held out hope that the punch to the nose was some sort of red herring and there would be a reasonable explanation for why David was punching Nolan in the face.

I was wrong. 

David blames Nolan for everything bad that ever happened in Amanda's life. She had no money. She was a stripper. She lived above a bar. She was killed by Conrad Grayson.

Except all those bad things were happening to FauxManda's life. 

Is Nolan part cat? Because this is at least the fourth time something like this has happened to the guy. If he gets to nine, it's curtains and we can't have Emily's FBI-hacking bestie going belly up.

Once again Nolan was a casualty of Emily Thorne's revenge agenda, and it's really time that ceased to happen. It's incredibly unfair that she expects these people to keep her secret simply because she "has a plan" when the consequences of doing so are personal and reputational harm. (Totally just made up the word reputational, but let's go with it, okay?)

Not only was Nolan humiliated on live television, he was later punched in the face by a David Clarke who waltzed into Nolan's house saying "my money bought this place..." (So technically that's true since Emily purchased this house for Nolan...)

That Emily's response to learning that her father punched her best friend because she's keeping secrets was to further her desire to dig into the man's life sort of makes me want to rage out a little bit. And now Jack is covering up her secrets too.

When Ben decided to continue pursuing Conrad Grayson's murder, he landed at the funeral of Mostrowski, the man who helped Conrad escape from prison only to be murdered by David Clarke. While in the garage, Ben uncovered a double infinity carved into the wall, recognized it, and immediately decided to join Ben's investigation. 

It will lead back to Emily. All roads lead to Emily.

I get that she doesn't want to tell David everything without understanding a little bit about where he's been and what he's experienced, but for the love of Pete, Emily Thorne, just trust the man.

That's it. That's what I want her to do. I want her to trust the man and then the two can team up to take down Victoria Grayson once and or all. Find a way to take her down for Aiden's murder or any number of other horrible things she's done. Do whatever it takes. Just let those two reunite.

Next week doesn't count because he's totally going over there to borrow a cup of sugar and not to say "Daddy's home!"

Speaking of Daddy, he's totally hiding some major secrets. 

Emily found the silo and scoped it out, finding discrepancies in his story, and thanks to Charlotte's drug-using ways (can't believe I just said that...) Emily also found a picture of her father out walking the street like a free man just before she cleaned up Charlotte's mess.

I'm glad that Charlotte and Emily seem to have come to some sort of truce in their stalemate. Maybe now that Charlotte is going back to rehab and knows that her mother is a legit murderer, she'll stop trying to kill her big sister and trust that Emily really does want good things for her. Maybe. 

Or she'll come out of rehab and be like Louise. 

Louise apparently wants Victoria to adopt her. I think. It's weird to me that she'd sleep with Daniel unless she's willing to settle for daughter-in-law instead of daughter, but either way, Louise is totally single white female-ing the women in Daniel's life and it's bizarrely entertaining to watch. 

I'd like to keep Margaux unscathed, but Louise is free to scratch Victoria's eyeballs out if she'd like. I would be okay with that.

What did you think of "Damage"? Were you shocked David went after Nolan? What was in the letter Emily wrote to Charlotte?

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