Salem Season 2 First Look: Majestic Mary Rises Up

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Mary Sibley has ascended to the throne.

If you recall, at the end of Salem Season 1 Mary triggered the Grand Rite securing her power over the witches and rule of Salem.

Majestic Mary - Salem

With the Grand Rite underway, the Witch War is just beginning and Salem is the epicenter of all the wicked action.

The smell of death is all around as Mary must control the citizens of Salem, the dark and evil forces hoping to claim her power and her true love, John Alden.

Are you excited to find out what's in store for all? Who made it out of Salem Season 1 Episode 13 alive and how Mary handles the arrival of the child she thought she lost? We are!

If you missed any of this amazing series, you can watch Salem online via TV Fanatic!

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Salem Quotes

All the world shall be yours in return; all the world.


John: Judge not, lets ye be judged.
Sibley: Who said that?
Jesus. You might have heard of him.