Selfie: Unaired Episodes Head to Hulu

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You can eventually watch all six unaired episodes of ABC's canceled comedy Selfie on Hulu starting on Tuesday, December 2.

Karen Gillian as Eliza and John Cho as Henry - Selfie

Selfie, starring Karen Gillan and John Cho, focused on Gillan's character hoping to make a change to her public image, with assistance from Cho's marketing expertise. Series creator and showrunner Emily Kupnuk took to Twitter to make the unofficial announcement of its remaining episodes. 

Officially, starting on Tuesday, the first of the six unaired episodes will air on Hulu, Hulu Plus and, one each week until the final installment has aired.

This isn't the first time a canceled show found a home on Hulu, as the Krysten Ritter and James Van Der Beek's series, Apartment 23, made the same trip in April 2014.

In the meantime, you can watch all of the previous installments when you watch Selfie online via TV Fanatic.

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Selfie Quotes

Eliza: Guy's love it when you laugh at their jokes. It makes them feel powerful.
Henry: President. Like that guy could be president.
Eliza: You're right. You are so smart. You should be on the supreme court.

Eliza: That scared me and I lashed out and called you a coxcomb. Which is probably an incorrect use of the word.
Henry: No I looked it up. It's archaic but it's dead on.