Sleepy Hollow Round Table: Tarrytown Tragedy

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Was that a great installment or what? Let's discuss Mama Mills' tragic story and the evil nurse that took her from her girls in this week's Sleepy Hollow Round Table.

Join TV Fanatics Stacy Glanzman, Whitney Evans, Jim Garner and Henry A. Otero as we discuss Lori Mills' fight to protect her family, Katrina's latest foolish mistake and several other topics from Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 9.

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Did you miss Ichabod this week or did you like that the Mills sisters were front and center?

Stacy: I did miss him a little bit. I love that they did a story line centered around Abbie, but I don't think it would have taken anything away from her to have Ichabod there with her. That being said, I didn't miss him too much since we at least got to see him struggle with the child proof cap and have his first taste of matza ball soup, though the sleeping pills may have messed with the taste. He should try it again sometime just in case.  

Whitney: I didn't really feel Ichabod's absence because I was so riveted by the story involving the girls and their mother. It feels like forever since Jenny has been a major part of the action and it was nice to see her and Abbie come together again. They really knocked it out of the park.

Jim: Being that I'm suffering from a similar ailment as Ichabod, I felt for him wanting to help but just being to drained to do so. I agree with Stacy that watching him try matza-ball soup was a delight.

Hank: Though I wouldn't want the writers to make a habit of it, I only missed him a bit. As Stacy said we had a few fun moments with Ichabod so he wasn't completely out of the picture like Jenny has been. I agree with Whitney this one was all about the Mills sisters and they were fantastic!

How did you feel about nurse Lambert as a minion of Moloch?

Stacy: She was definitely evil and scary. I have to say, I'm starting to wonder if Katrina's really necessary as the team's witch anymore. Abbie and Jenny seem to be pretty successful at incantations.

Whitney: She seemed pretty creepy from the get go and she just got more and more scary. There have been some pretty decent villains this season and she ranks among the best.

Jim: I'm not sure she was a minion of Moloch. Oh, she may have been sent by Moloch to kill Lori Mills, but she seemed to have found her way to evil without Moloch's help.

Hank: What made her extra scary to me was the fact she was a serial killer in her previous life. Sure we've had some scary monsters on this series, but there's something about a human "angel of death" that freaked me out. Someone like her could be out there as we speak... Eeeek!

Share your thoughts on Mama Mills and her story. Do you think we'll see her again?

Stacy: I'm glad we got to meet Abbie and Jenny's mom this week. It was nice getting more insight into their childhoods and the actress was really good. I think we'll most likely see her again eventually.

Whitney: Since we've only gotten bits and pieces of Mama Mills story, it was so nice to finally fill in the gaps. She tried to protect her girls as best she could and even with their childhood traumas, they've grown into capable young women. I feel like they left the door open for her to return someday and I hope she does.

Jim: I suspect that Lori Mills is finally at peace and other than maybe flash-backs, we won't be seeing much of her again. I will say that anyone who has lost a parent can really identify with wanting the 5 minutes that Jenny & Abbie got.  

Hank: I'm with Jim, I got the impression Lori Mills' spirit had crossed over. Of course, there's always flashbacks as Jim pointed out. Spending the hour with Mama Mills has made me feel like I understand the sisters better. Aunjanue Ellis was outstanding, she brought me to tears at the end.

Were you okay with the "love triangle" being put on hold? Did Hawley fit in better with the team?

Stacy: Definitely. Sleepy Hollow has plenty of action and interesting stories without needing to bring in relationship drama. I think Hawley is a great addition to the team and I'd like to see them all continue to work together without romance messing it up.

Whitney: I don't mind Hawley nearly as much as some other fans do, so I thought he fit in just fine. I'm okay with the love triangle being put on hold, but since it's obvious the show is going there, I'd like it to not last all season.

Jim: Hawley is fitting better and better every week. Did I miss where they told him about Ichabod? Because no effort was put in to cover it any more. Ichabod even mentioned outloud about the map he got from Washington.

Hank: If you've been following my Sleepy Hollow reviews you know I loathe the idea of a love triangle. Everyone got to work this week, no time to flirt and act foolish. I thought Hawley fit well and this is the most I've liked him all season. He can stick around if he doesn't cause drama.

Mama Mills Dragged Away - Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 9

Baby Moloch's grown! He appears to Katrina as a cute blonde child, but is her infection nurturing the demon?

Stacy: I don't know why Katrina picked up the baby. If she did it to continue the ruse and play along, you'd think as a powerful witch she'd protect herself before picking him up. I tend to feel more frustrated or bored than anything else when Katrina is on the screen. I'm just not invested in her character.

Whitney: I agree with Stacy 100%. I'm getting more and more frustrated with Katrina each week and I don't understand why she would pick baby Moloch up. Did she really think anything good would come of that?

Jim: I agree with Stacy and Whitney, Katrina's seemingly lack of common sense is really beginning to get on my nerves. Also, why is she still wearing the hooker gear from the hospital? I understood she wore it to get out, but you would think Abraham at least would want her to dress better.

Hank: It's unanimous, Kat's got to go! Her actions make zero sense anymore and we've seen she's not as powerful a witch as we thought. I definitely think Moloch's touch did something to her and she's inadvertently helping him grow up. She deserves whatever is coming her way for being the lamest character on this show.

"Mama" was one of this season's strongest installments. If you missed it, remember you can watch Sleepy Hollow online via TV Fanatic!

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Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Ichabod: Tarrytown hospital is built on a specific ley line that points of convergence between us and the spirit world.
Abbie: And now with Moloch here on Earth...
Ichabod: He might have conjured her to pray upon our resolve.

Irving: My soul belongs to the Horseman of War, but for now I am still in control of my actions. Even chose my own color jello at breakfast this morning.
Jenny: That's a good sign.
Irving: I did this to protect my daughter and I'd make the same choice again if I had to.
Abbie: We're gonna get you out of here. We'll find a way to undo whatever Henry did to your soul.