Sleepy Hollow Scoop: Cast, Producer Tease "Succubus" Arrival, Midseason Finale

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Watch out! The succubus is coming to Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 8.

You might be surprised the first time we meet Lillith in tonight’s episode because while on the surface she’s beautiful, we’ll see that underneath she has much darker intentions and maybe horns. No wonder she’s in cahoots with villainous Henry Parrish!

I was on set during the shooting of tonight’s episode and grilled stars Matt Barr, Ford and Co-Executive Producer Albert Kim, who penned the episode, on what we’ll see and maybe what fans can expect moving forward in Sleepy Hollow Season 2 ...

Hawley Chats With Abbie - Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 8

First up, Kim explained how the writers shaped a mythical figure like the succubus into the show’s tapestry.

Albert Kim: This succubus acts like the ones we know where she seduces her victims and sucks out their life force but we get to add our own little twist to it. In this case, the creature is able to sense desire in her victims’ hearts. She goes after and she forces these people to sort of confront their secret desires, which is a great story that likes to get to a lot of things that we’re doing with our characters like the relationship between Crane and Katrina, between Abbie and Nick Hawley as well as the complications it causes crosswise between Crane and Abbie and things like that.

The other thing we did was this succubus sort of adopts the forms of objects of desire. So she becomes sort of different people as she goes along in the story, which is a great role. Caroline Ford is fantastic and she’s great at it so it’s a really fun character to have. Plus, it adds a whole sexy vibe to the thing.

Barr told me that Lillith is the sexy version of the succubus but when we see her in her true form, it’s anything but sexy. That said, Lillith targets Hawley, who may be feeling a little lovelorn over a certain someone in Sleepy Hollow.

Matt Barr: I think the reason she targets Holly is that there’s this subtext of a desire for potentially Abbie. So, the succubus targets Holly [and] because he’s the only one that’s actually seen her in human form, the Lilith character, he teams up once again with the Scooby gang, Abbie and Ichabod, and they together go after the succubus. When the succubus in human form, Lilith, first meets Holly and sort of entices him back to his pad…I mean, if Hawley has a weakness it’s definitely for beautiful women.

Caroline Ford told me between shooting scenes how she approached playing the character.

Caroline Ford: It is a different twist because she doesn’t shape shift. So she doesn’t turn into the people but she mimics their personality and she kind of echoes that general vibe in the looks. But it’s more about the fact that she pinpoints exactly the personality that they’ll respond to or her victims will respond to. She becomes it and seduces them. The ones that have the strongest secret desires, they’re the ones that she preys on most because they’re the most vulnerable to being seduced.

As for why she targets Nick Hawley…

CF: [Hawley] becomes a target because he is particularly down at this point in the episode. So, he has a secret desire that has not been achieved so she preys on that. It’s open to be played on at this particular point in the episode.

While we still have a few episodes to go, I had to ask Kim about the midseason finale and it would seem that the Sleepyheads are not going to be disappointed.

AK: Episode 11 is our midseason finale. Honestly, it’s about as big and epic as typical season finales for shows. I think it’s really going to blow people’s minds when we get there. Honestly, we sat around in the room after episode 11 and we were like ‘we’ve got to actually pick up and do something after this now!’ I don’t know how we’re going to do it because it brings together all the season two threads to a really thrilling climax…it turns everything around in the second season. It really good enough to be a season finale. It would make a great season finale.

Are you excited for tonight’s episode? Do you think Hawley and Abbie could be a good match or she deserves better? Leave a comment below!

Sleepy Hollow airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on Fox. See the midseason finale tonight or watch Sleepy Hollow online afterward if you miss it!

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Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Abbie: This is supernatural. I'm putting my money on Henry being behind it.
Ichabod: A wager I would not bet against.

Katrina: Ichabod you said that the secrets I've kept from you are bygones, but I know trust can be hard to rebuild once it's broken.
Ichabod: In truth, it pained me to think you were not who I knew.
Katrina: Who I was never changed. The things that I kept from you were things that I had done.
Ichabod: As a witch, as a spy.
Katrina: Roles I undertook during the war.
Ichabod: Nevertheless they are part of who you are and secrecy is a hard habit to break.