Sons of Anarchy: Watch Season 7 Episode 9 Online

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Jax and SAMCRO had a lot to contend with in Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 9 as the conflict was coming from all sides. 

Members from the Indian Hills charter arrives to put Jax on notice. They're calling a vote questioning Jax's leadership and handling of Jury's death. But that was far from Jax's mind as he attempted to make a deal with August Marks to get Bobby back. 

Gemma agreed to identify Chris Dunn as the man who left Tara's house on the night of her murder, thus corroborating Juice story and securing his deal. Unfortunately for both of them, Sheriff Jarry and Unser soon learned that Chris Dunn was being held in another state for drunk and disorderly on the night of Tara's murder causing Juice deal to be revoked. He's stunned when he's pulled from his cell and thrown in solitary. 

Meanwhile, Jax thinks he's in control when he cuts the head of the pastor's body and sews it on to another in order to pull one over on August Marks and get Bobby back. Unfortunately, August makes a play of his own and ends up shooting Bobby in the head as the exchange is taking place.

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