Supernatural Round Table: A Welcome Return?

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Sunglasses and beers might sound like fun, but its clear Sam and Dean just can't keep away from a good hunt.

With Sam and Dean "talks," a familiar face and some werewolves, TV Fanatic staff writers Carissa Pavlica, Narsimha Chintaluri and Sean McKenna and The Winchester Family Business' Alice Jester are ready to talk Supernatural Season 10 Episode 4.

Check out the varying opinions in the latest Supernatural Round Table and join in with your own comments below!

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

What was your favorite scene?

Carissa: Easy. Their uniformed scene. They should have seen everything in their line of work, right? Given how things are today. "Logging. Ice caps. Bitcoin. Obama!" I had to rewind and watch their faces again and again because that was so much fun. Then the episode fell apart. LOL.

Alice: For me, how do you get more monumental than the two brothers on cheap lawn chairs sitting by a lake IN SUNGLASSES drinking beer? This is the idea of a “Supernatural” vacation. It isn’t the boys at the beach in swim trunks, but it’ll do. I just wish they were happier. Sam and Dean suck at vacations. Pass me another beer Deano! 

Narsimha: Like Alice said, I liked seeing the boys on "vacation." More specifically, I thought it was great when Dean brought up Sam's injured shoulder and started teasing him.

Sean: That vacation seemed perfect for them! But I really liked when Dean said that he wanted to get back into hunting just to start doing some good again. I loved their talks during the hour, and I am glad that he seemed ready to move forward.

Were you glad to see Kate again?

Carissa: No. While seeing her wasn't as bad as it could have been considering the last episode she was in, this time it was her sister that was pointless. Although I understand why they dragged her up with a sibling -- to prompt discussion between the brothers -- they could have chosen someone more interesting.

Alice: I was one of the few that liked “Bitten” so I didn’t mind seeing her. What impressed me the most is that she didn’t die or actually go dark by eating a human heart. Most of the time when a character returns they either die or get an irredeemable story that ruins them forever (Becky anyone? Garth?). She’s hanging in there and that’s good. Now may she never return.   

Narsimha: Yeah I'm with Carissa -- not only was I not too big on her character to begin with, this episode as a whole was pretty flat. Not as enthusiastic about this week, or last week, when compared to the first two episodes.

Sean: I understood why they did it given she was technically a familiar face (but one I forgot) and the whole sibling situation, but they really could have put any character in there for that effect. I really didn't care one way or the other by the end, more so because I wanted to get back to Sam and Dean.

Do you wish we got to see the werewolves fully transform?

Carissa: Nope. The whole story was flat. I wish I could expand on that, but they were only there to achieve results from a completely different area of thought. Just no thanks.

Alice: Not really, but that’s only because I never cared for the werewolf lore. I’ve seen enough of it on The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. Plus, their werewolves are exponentially hotter than the ones we saw in this episode. 

Narsimha: Yeah I think that would've been cool. I'm sure the show isn't done with werewolves, or this specific storyline. They should just say screw it and have Dean turn Sam into a werewolf next Sam (inevitably) dies. Now THAT would be interesting, haha.

Sean: I'm sure it's more budgetary reasons, but I think it would have been cool to see. But I'm not sure it would have helped make me that much more interested in the particular werewolf storyline.

What did you think of Sam and Dean trying to talk it out?

Carissa: It was better than not trying to talk it out, of course. My favorite was Dean finally asking Sam about the sling and ribbing him about it. I'm so glad they got that out in the open since it's the big elephant in the room. It was odd bringing up Lester, but Dean had to pull something out of the hat to make himself look better. I'm still waiting for the conversation when they realize they must always go after each other and never just give up or kill, as Kate did to her sister (even though it made sense).

Alice: I really liked those bits. We got five heart to hearts from these guys! I believe that’s more total than we got the last two seasons. Talking is definitely better than not talking and it didn’t involve fists flying this time. They said the right things that doesn’t make everything square, but it’s putting them on the right track. Or it does until Dean goes off the rails again and Sam has to go through the whole unnerving process again. I think Sam was a bigger emotional wreck in this episode than Dean. I don’t think he can take any more drama. 

Narsimha: It seemed a little forced, as far as the dialogue is concerned, but it's good that they're on the same page. At first I thought Dean was purposefully trying to get under Sam's skin with the Lester business because of how the scene was written. That honestly would've been a cool direction to take the show in -- having Dean still showing residual effects of being a demon, and the ongoing presence of the mark making him behave differently. But I guess in the end, the writing just threw me off and Dean was just concerned about Sam as well. Sam telling Dean he had to carry his corpse upstairs, only to come back to find it gone and replaced by a note, was really great though.

Sean: These were the best parts of the hour for me. And I'm definitely on the same page as Alice when it came to their convos. It really felt much more open and honest, not perfect, but definitely headed towards a better place.

With concern still over the Mark of Cain, do you think we'll see Cain again this season?

Carissa: I honestly cannot remember the full story from Cain in the cabin, but didn't the story go that once transferred, it belongs fully to the new carrier? Isn't it the Mark of Dean now? I mean, how crazy would Cain have to be to want that back? Of course, he may just feel bad for Dean... Consider me unsure.

Alice: Cain should be back, but I understand Tim Omundson is horribly busy. So if they can get him, sure. We all know this is coming back to bite Dean. This episode had “Foreshadowing” with a capital F flashing through the story like a neon sign. Nothing like an anvilicious parallel with monster siblings to make us remember that Dean still has the mark and Sam might still have to do something about it. 

Narsimha: I love Time Omundson from Psych and would definitely want to see him again -- but I don't know how it would play into the story. Him taking back the mark out of pity is just way too simple. I just hope we are able to witness the effects of the Mark on Dean in greater detail, because he seems to be doing fine with it as of now.

Sean: It feels like Cain should make some return, right? Obviously the Mark of Cain will come back into play, but I'm curious to see how that all palys out and just how they can get rid of it. I just hope its not too easy of a fix.

Sean McKenna was a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. He retired in May of 2017. Follow him on Twitter.

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